the rangers lost 21-5 tonight and you expect me to believe that this is a real baseball team????

The Dixon Kryptonite

Can we just reflect on the fact that a GUY who can do this; 

Kill like this; 

And Survive this; 

Is rendered breathless… Speechless… 

And overcome by whimpers and tears… 

At the sight of this! 


Not to mention that a guy who’s literally been watching Ricks back for 5 seasons now and has been 2 steps ahead of every ‘enemy’ he’s had to fight…ends up defenseless and completely unprepared in the face of a pair of blue eyes and a water jug. 

The very same guy that blew up a tank in a series of co-ordinated fighting techniques… 

Not just forgot that his hands were full when he offered to carry Carol’s water jug but he ended up clumsily and awkwardly dropping it…and spilling it too! 

Carol Peletier seems to be Daryl Dixons kryptonite because since the day she found him in the woods… 

He’s been off his game to say the least… 

I wonder why?!

*gif credit goes to their creators*

anonymous asked:

What profession do you think double b and junhoe would do if they're not in the entertainment industry? (lawyer or banker etc) would be great if you can do all of them!

Hanbin He would pickup trash. Because he’s a trashbin

Bobby would be a stripper. Since he’s always taking his shirt off

Junhoe He would be a face model for a famous model management. Called Instagram

Yunhyeong would be an actor. A stuntman for the crying scenes

Jinhwan would finally fulfill his dream of working with cows. since he loves his cow pj’s so much

Donghyuk would be the president. Of a company

Chanwoo would work as a butler for Hanbin and work part time at a icecream store, only selling chococons.