Fangirls Inc. A 70-page, full-colour, illustrated humour book about the insanity of fangirls is now for sale on my Etsy store.

To my lovely followers and supporters - your copy is currently making its way to your mailbox. (If the book has ovaries, they would surely explode in excitement when it arrives at your doorstep! )


Here are the before and after pictures of my most recent little recycled dolls.

Thanks so much to everyone who has voted for me in the Etsy Design Awards. I’m getting excited about possibly winning a trip to New York and meeting the team at the Etsy Headquarters there!!! If you wish to support me, you can vote here:

Q&A: Team Etsy Malaysia

You’ve seen these arts and crafts that are one of a kind and the makers beam with pride as they tell you “I made this”. Similarly to how a fan club of a certain celebrity would gather in a forum to dicuss their idol, the Team Etsy Malaysia gather together to discuss their love for arts and crafts and to showcase their masterpieces to the world. 

We caught up with the team captain, Huey of Nottypooch (whom we featured previously here) to get the insight of this crafty team. 

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Days 125-131: I have still not been acknowledged by His Airness. I am not surprised. Tweeting at two different brand twitter accounts SIGNIFICANTLY reduces my chances of hearing from him. This project, like Space Jam, isn’t about the fame or glory or hope of success. No, it’s about creating something MEANINGFUL, dammit!

Its beginning to look a lot like football season! 🏈🏈🏈🏈
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Weekend Ohio Etsy Sale!

A bunch of people in the Handmade Ohio etsy team is having a sale!!

Use code BUYOHIO2 to save 20% this weekend at &!

*current book purses available are made to order only. I’m currently working on 2 Edgar Allan Poe purses, and 1 Charles Dickens purse, but they will not be ready until next week.

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Who said girls can’t be fashionable and sportsy?

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