It has been days since you ate or sleep in something what’s similar to a bed and slowly it takes a toll on you.
At least you found some water bottles which were left by a ‘friend’. You know that they could’ve been poisoned. But after all you’ve been through and the dry feeling in your mouth and throat, you couldn’t care less. Maybe you still have a chance to reach DC, even when your current situation looks bad. And maybe..

Automatically your hand wanders to the gun in the waistband and slowly you pull it out.
“Hey girl!..” The man continues to speak, but more quietly.
Probably he’s talking to his friends and the thought scares you more than that you could run in a herd of walkers. You take a deep breath before you start running, hearing how at least two men are following you.
“Wait! We want.. oh shit.” The man curses as you run in the woods.
Branches and foliage rustle under your shoes as you try to find a place where you can hide. For a second you want to give up, your stomach growls from hunger and starts hurting, bitter bile letting you choke.
Completely weakened you hide behind a bush and crouch down, hot tears prickle in your eyes.
“Just.. just leave me alone!” You shout in a croaking voice as you hear them.
“We just want to help you. My name is Aaron and this is my friend Daryl.” The man, Aaron, says and comes slowly around the bush, unharmed.
Instantly you aim your gun at him and he raises his arms like in surrender. Your eyes widen as you spot Daryl and even he seems shocked.
“That’s not possible.” You whisper and lower the gun.
“(Y/N)?” Daryl walks towards you and puts his crossbow behind his back.
Your head starts spinning as you try to stand up, warm arms locking around your waist as you pass out.

Soft, so soft.
It feels unreal as you turn on the other side and feel the comfortable mattress and pillow under you.
“(Y/N)?” The voice sounds familiar, but you don’t want to wake up.
Not yet.
“(Y/N), can you hear me?”
You open your eyes and look directly in the blue ones of Rick. Behind him you recognize Carl, Maggie, Glenn, Carol and Daryl.
“Am I dreaming?”
“No.” Rick chuckles quietly, but clearly touched by your words or you being here. “It’s so good to see you.”
Not able to say a word, because the lump in your throat is too big, you just nod. But it quickly fades as you notice that some persons are missing.
“Where are…” Your voice breaks as Rick shakes his head and takes your hand, squeezing it.
The tears are back as you look at your old friends.
“Hey, sh, it’s ok. You’re alive and you’re here with us.” Rick tries to soothe you, his thumb stroking over the scar on your cheek. “What happened?”
‘Too much.‘ You think, but just shake your head.
“Nothing. Just a stupid accident..”


My god my heart is melting… god. D and C 4 L.I.F.E, A PROUD SHIPPER FOR LIFE! I think we might be the 1st to upload the FULL, FULL SCENE, so proud of that. See you WALKING DEAD TUESDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL AMAZING PEOPLE, HUGS AND HUGS AND HUGS!! <3

WTactualFUCK is going on. “We found the only way in.” (“Only way in is through the front door.”) “Place is shut up tight.” (“Place is nailed up tight.”) “*some variation of we can stay here for a while*” (“Maybe we stick around here for a while.”) *infinite tealights* (*infinite tealights*) OH LOOK A TRUNK. I’m done.

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I have been pushing with this, for this way over seven year’s now and I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. For it brings happiness into my life still to this day even after all the bad thing’s people have brought into to my life over the ship. There is still so much to be told and written about this bond and story and I plan on being there ever second for it. This is me now and even before you guys and YouTube came into my life. Never give up on the things that make you happy even if it is two characters within a television show.
Fuck all the rest. D & C 4 L.I.F.E…A very proud shipper 4 Life.
This is to those that doubt it, doubt me, doubt us.
Until next time my friends..Happy Wednesday <3