TWD | REVIEW S7E10 | CAROL & DARYL!!!!!!!!!!! It’s Walking Dead Tuesday YES YES & YES!! LOVE YOU AND YOUR FACE!! <3


To all my CARYL shipper friends around the world. Tonight we will once again after a long while witness the King & Queen reunite. So many have fallen off or have given up on this ship, but not us. We have pushed on like a movement through all the overpowering seas and we can finally see land again. As the beautiful sunset dissolves and the night comes prepare yourself for Daryl & Carol will find each other once again in that death-filled world that surrounds them. I am so proud to be here to witness this with all of you. I am so proud to be a SHIPPER with all of you.

WSC ATL 2016 w/Norman

The lovely miss Lilly @ivyandocean asked if I was planning to do a write up of my Walker Stalker experience this past weekend, so I’ve decided to oblige. 

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I can’t believe it was already a week ago that I touched Norman. Fuck. I hugged him from behind, y’all. It was magical. I’ve been dreaming about doing the Bethyl hug pose with NR for a photo op for two years now, but the first time I had the opportunity I was too afraid to ask, or try to explain. Anyone that’s been to a con and taken a photo op with celebrities, you know how quickly they rush you through the lines. Especially when it’s someone like Norman. So, I was too overwhelmed and flabbergasted by his presence to even visit the idea at the time. This year, however, I was prepared. 

I printed off a photo of the Beth and Daryl hug outside the moonshine shack, thinking it would be much easier to just show him what I wanted than try to explain it in less than 3 seconds. And I was correct! When it was my turn, I confidently walked up to him, held up the photo, and said, “do this!” He took it from my hands, examined it for a moment, and then smiled and said, “Okay! Cool!” He was very enthusiastic about it, and even made the comment afterwards saying, “That’s a first.” I’m not sure if he meant that in reference to the photo or the pose, but either way I made an impression. Score! 

Also, earlier that day, I stood in line with my best friend for four hours anxiously awaiting his autograph. I’ve had photos with him before, but NEVER have I been able to get close enough to his booth to get a signature. This year I was determined, so I got VIP passes and made sure to arrive early. Even so, we still had to wait a long time because there were so many GOLD passes sold this year. They originally stated that all VIP passes were supposed to make up less than 10% of all tickets sold this year, but I don’t believe it. I saw quite the opposite, actually. No matter, though. I got my autograph, and I was very happy with the few minutes I got to speak with him. 

When I approached the table, the first thing he noted was my scar tattoos on my face. Fake, obviously, but he said, “You’ve got something going on there,” and pointed my face. Very funny, Norman. Then, while he signed my two posters (one being a Bethyl poster) I brought up my song LAST MAN STANDING. I brought a download sticker with me to give to him, and as I explained what the song was about, he took it eagerly and asked where he could listen. I told him it was on iTunes or he could download it using the code on the back of the sticker. He then proceeded to fold it in half and stick it in the pocket of his jeans. Then, just as we were walking away after receiving a hug, he asked if Emily knew about the song. I said I had told her about it when I met her and gave her a CD but wasn’t sure if she’d listened to it. Then he said he’d tell her about it. I about crapped my pants right then and there. 

Now keep in mind that was exactly a week ago when I tell you this next little piece of information. Yesterday morning I received and email saying that someone had downloaded my song from CD Baby. Meaning: whoever bought it used the code on one of my stickers. Funny story… the only one I’ve given out recently was the one to Norman, so unless someone I gave a sticker to months ago just now decided to download it, it had to have been him. It’s too much of a coincidence for it not to be. 

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Basically, I had a fantastic Norman filled weekend <3