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a heated argument with iKon's Jinhwan? happy ending!!! ^_^ thanks☆

  • Caution: There’s swearing this
  • Tell me if you enjoy this.

“Oppa,” you called,


“Stop looking at your phone, look at me,” You invited himover because you both hadn’t been able to spend time together. You prepared a whole meal for him, and here he was playing with his food and talking to someone on the phone right in front of you. He didn’t reply, he just lifted a finger up, indicating he needed a minute.

“Are you serious?” you were fed up, he didn’t even hear you, he didn’t even hear the distaste in your voice. This was the man who was able to tell whether you were smiling or not from a text, and you’re sitting right in front of him… he couldn’t be more disinterested in you. You dropped you fork on the plate and crossed your arms, having an eye-brow raised. He finally looks up at and puts his phone on the table.

“What?” He sounded so arrogant, as though he didn’t know what he was doing.

“What do you mean ‘what?’?

“What, as in why are you looking me at me like that?” he rolled his eyes. You couldn’t believe the attitude in him, you couldn’t believe this. Is this really Jinhwan. This couldn’t be.

“Are you serious right now? I haven’t seen or heard from you in a month, and you’re on your phone talking to someone, when I slaved away in the kitchen preparing this meal for me” You could feel your eyes getting stingy, and a lump developing in your throat.

“Okay, calm down. Look, it’s on the table. Like you said we haven’t seen each other in a while, let enjoy this time together,” You close your eyes and got up. You walked towards the sink and the tears started rolling down.

“What the hell?” you could hear the annoyance in his voice, “Are you serious? I just said lets enjoy the meal and now you’re washing the dishes. You were just complaining about not spending time-”

“I was sitting there in front of you for forty-five minutes, and you didn’t even look at me once. The food is cold. There’s no point in eating cold food.” You snapped,

“Then reheat it”

“No. I’m not hungry.”

Buzz, buzz, buzz. His phone, again,

“Look,” He grabs you by the shoulder and turns you around, “I’m switching it off, okay?” he said in a soft voice. He wipes your tears away and pulls you into a hug. You pull away.

“What’s wrong?” he looks at you waiting for a reply, “Are you not going to answer me?”

“I’m not crying over a darn phone, and nor am I an attention seeker,” you began, your voice quivering.

“Okay, you’re not. I never said-”

“I can tell, you’re only saying this to shut me up.” You cried,

“Oh my,” he sighed, his nostrils flared, he ran his fingers through his thick lock of hair and sat himself down on the sofa. “You must have a lot to say, okay I’m listening.”

“You’re always pushing me away,” you began. “Whenever I call you, or text you, you never pick up and reply a day or two later. Yet your SNS status’s are constantly updating. Why are you ignoring me, when I’m sitting right in front of you?”

“I don’t have time for this shit.”

“You never have time for anything when it comes to me.”

“Are you fucking with me right now?” he sneered at you, “You’re the one talking to Minho hyung and laughing at his jokes whenever you come over to studio. What the fuck is up with that, laughing at his jokes is one thing, but the way you look at him is disgusting.” He shook his head.

You were utterly shocked, you only spoke to Minho a few times, and the only reason you spoke to him was because Jinhwan had either completely stood you up or left because he was busy.

“Why are you so cheap for?” the words stung like a nettle in your heart, you felt lumps in your throat again, “And here you are giving me grief because I’m on my phone, wow. Are you crying right now, don’t cry. Seriously, stop making yourself the victim here.”

You were pissed. Who the fuck this guy think he was talking to you they way he was? Talking down to you?

“Bitch please; we’re the same height,” You sneered, “stop talking down to me, like some dog”

“Are you fucking serious?” he retorted back, “How am I talking down to you?”

“How the hell are you not? You come here accusing me of being unfaithful?” You yelled at an accusing tone. This was totally out of order for him, How on earth can he come here accusing me, ME. He was about to open his mouth, but you raised you index finger at causing him to clench his jaw. He took a step back and sat back down again.

“Listen, you’re the one going on tour. You’re the one that’s going to be surrounded by thousands, if not millions of girls. And you’re worried about me being unfaithful. Are fucking stupid?” You questioned him, trying to knock sense into him.

“Yes, ‘going to’, in the future. NOT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” he yelled, waving his hands in the air. He was pissed. He was really pissed.

“You know what, just stop trying to turn the table here okay!” you huffed, you were full of rage. You were upset at first.

“I need some air,” he said as he licked his bottom lip. He got up and faced his back to you whilst walking towards the door.

“You’re just going to go, leave this mess as it is?”

“This relationship was always a mess to begin with,” you couldn’t believe your ears.

“I was talking about the dishes, go and pick your dishes off the table and take them to the sink, like a good little boy,” you sneered at him, waving a hand towards the kitchen. You could he him exhaling through his nose, trying to calm him down. You pushed a button with the short reference; you knew it would rile him up. He did a 180 turn, and walked to towards the kitchen and picked up a plate. He hurled the plate to the wall smashing it, and hurling its contents all over the kitchen.

“There, happy?” He eyes were wide with rage. You were scared, you hadn’t seen him like this before. This could really be the end of your relationship, he’s been pushing you away for so long.

“We need a break,” you whispered, fearing of bursting into tears if you spoke any louder.

“Why not end this whole thing, right here, right now?”

“I’m being serious.” A tear trailed down you face, “Let’s break then.”

He looked up at you, he saw your sullen face, realising you were being serious.

“Stop with the drama”

You didn’t say anything; you stood there silent, crying.

He walked up to you, grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you. “Don’t do this, I know you don’t want to” he pleaded, his entire tone changed.

“How on earth would you know what I want, when you don’t even know whether you want me or not,” you cried.

“I want you, I want you.” He tried reassuring you, you shook you head trying to move away, but his grip was too tight. He let go of your shoulders, he grabbed his phone and threw it across the wall.

“There no phone, no distractions” he whispered as he grabbed your waist by one arm and your neck with the other pulling your head towards his.

Crashing your lips together,

He pulled out, giving you time to breathe. You brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, and stroked your tears away.

“I want you.” Whispering to you, looking deep into your eyes, before pulling you in again.