Team Ramos


Real Madrid are words that are in my life. Real Madrid means triumph in victory and triumph in loss. Real Madrid is history, it is the day-to-day and it is what will happen, it is endless longing and endless expectation. It is courage, to overcome the rest and also itself, to overcome loss, to overcome victory. Real Madrid is the “at least” of a bad day and the “but” of a good day.


On this day 7 years ago, Andrés Iniesta led 2008 European Champions to their first ever World Cup after scoring the game winning goal in the 116th minute, beating the Netherlands 1-0

the surprise marco asensio (ft. isco, césar, gerard, sergio and lucas)


Word count: 2 258 words
Featuring: Marco Asensio & Y/N
Synopsis: Marco’s away in Russia for the World Cup, and Y/N – with the assistance of Isco and the other guys of the Spanish team – help surprise Marco. 

“…and with the World Cup over, it’ll be the perfect time to take a break. A long vacation sounds perfect right about now. Speaking of the World Cup” – you hold your breath, dreading the question Marco’s about to ask you – “when are you flying to Russia? I’m really excited to see you.”

The eagerness in his tone causes your heart to sink, and you bite down on your lower lip. How do you let him down easily? Marco’s very understanding, of course, but you know how excited he was to have you in Russia supporting him. Heck, you want nothing more than to be in the stands cheering him on but life’s managed to get in the way of your plans.


You pinch the bridge of your nose and close your eyes. Releasing a shaky breath, you reply, “Yeah, babe?”

“Is everything okay? You seem distracted, you’ve been like this all conversation and I’m starting to worry…”

The fact that Marco’s so worried about you warms your heart. “I uh…” You draw in a breath, preparing yourself to drop the bomb. “I’m fine, well… Everything is fine, thank you for asking, I just… Marco, I won’t be making it to the World Cup.”

An agonizing ten seconds pass, and you’re about to open your mouth to speak up again but Marco speaks before you can. “You can’t? I mean… what?”

“I am really sorry, Marco. But with e–”

“I understand.” You don’t doubt for a second that he understands, but the heaviness in his tone is something he can’t hide. “I get it. I know you want to be here–”

“More than anything in the world, and I am so sorry but…” your voice trails. “I know you’ll be amazing though and I’ll be watching all your matches, cheering for you through the television screen.”

Marco chuckles. “I know you will be, I hope you’ll be.”

It’s been a couple of weeks since you last saw Marco, and even then you barely had time to be together due to his busy schedule and your work commitments. Marco and you have been barely dating a year, but the connection you share is so deep and so strong. People tend to not understand, some going as far as questioning it, but it’s something you both can’t explain. Being away from him too long literally causes your heart to ache.

“Babe, are you still there?”

You nod and blink the tears away. “Yeah, I am.” When you hear something crashing in the background, you ask, “What was that?”

“That was Isco, he dropped the lamp.” You hear Isco’s voice in the background, he says something that amuses Marco and they both laugh. “Isco says ‘hi’ and he wants me to hang up.”

“Hi Isco!” you greet with a giggle. “Why didn’t you tell me you were with Isco?”

“He only came in five minutes ago.”

“Well, I’ll leave you guys, I don’t want to interrupt your guy time. Goodnight, love.”

“We’ll talk later, I love you, Y/N.”

Your heart skips a beat. “I love you, Marco. Sweet dreams.”

“I’m a few steps from my room…”

“Are you sure you’re not being followed, Isco?”

The indistinct chatter in the background is suddenly cut off, informing you that he’s now inside the confines of his bedroom. “Yeah, I made sure I wasn’t followed.”

“And where’s Marco?”

“Downstairs with Nacho and Lucas, they’re all watching a football match. Will you tell me what’s going on now, Y/N? Why did you want to talk to me privately?”

Of all Marco’s friends, you’re closest to Isco. The two of you were introduced to each other by Marco shortly after the two of you began dating, and the two of you instantaneously hit it off. You like Isco especially because of his kind nature, and he definitely looks after Marco when you’re not around.

“Because I need you to help me with something, but Marco can’t find out.”

A few hours ago, you received some of the best news you’ve received in a long time. You now have three days off, and what better way to spend them than in Russia with your boyfriend?

“You need my help? What do you need help with?”

Isco is the only person you feel you can trust to help you pull off what you have now dubbed ‘Operation: Surprise Marco’ as he just happens to be really good at keeping secrets. “I have a few days free, and I’m thinking of flying to Russia to surprise Marco. Do you think you can help me?”

Excitedly, Isco asks, “You’re flying to Russia? That’s really awesome, Y/N! And I know Chencho will be really happy to see you!”

Your eyes widen in alarm and your back straightens. “Isco! Shush! It won’t be a surprise anymore if you keep shouting.” You’re only teasing him, but you’re also serious – you don’t want Marco finding out about this. “You’re the only person I trust with this plan.”

In a low voice, Isco says, “Right, soft voices. When are you flying into Kazan?”

“Monday. I know you guys have a match on Wednesday, and I’d like to be there to support Marco. The earliest flight I could get out of Madrid is at 10 o’clock, and I’ll be landing in Kazan at around six on Tuesday morning.”

“And when do you plan on surprising him?”


“You sound unsure.”

You chuckle and cover your eyes. “I’m sorry, I… Tuesday is perfect. What does your schedule look like on Tuesday?”

“We have training in the morning, that’s the perfect time to surprise him.”

Early morning training, perfect! Excitement blooms, and now you’re really looking forward to Tuesday morning. “Isco, you are a genius!”

“We can discuss the technicalities of the plan closer to the time, I’ll recruit some–” Isco’s suddenly cut off and you hear him curse beneath his breath. Before you can ask, he informs you that someone’s at the door. “I’ll get rid of the person, hold on.”

You make yourself comfortable in your place and start picking at your nail polish. When you hear who is actually at the door, you freeze. Marco!

“What are you doing here?” you hear Isco ask. “… I’m just on a call with Sara… She’s a little moody, a little emotional so I’m trying to comfort her,” you hear Isco lie. “… Just give me a few more minutes, and I’ll be there… Sure, I’ll tell her.” 


“Sara, babe? I have to go, okay? I’ll talk to you later.”

You cover your mouth to muffle your laughter. “Okay, bye Isco. Thank you for helping me, I appreciate it.”


You smile, happy that you’ve recruited Isco to help you. “Bye, Isco.”

When your car drops you off at the front of the Kazan arena, you’re welcomed by two Russian guards – organized by Isco – who escort you to the spot you’ll be meeting Isco at. A plethora of emotions run through you, the prevalent emotion being anticipation. It’s finally here, the day has come for you to see your boyfriend and you don’t know how you’ve managed to keep yourself together.

The flight to Kazan was long, and a little irritating but now that you’re at the arena, it was all worth it. In the last 24 hours, you’ve barely slept, playing out different scenarios in your head.

“Miss Y/S, Mr. Alarcon is waiting for you at the end of the passage,” one of the guards informs you.

“Thank you.”

You walk the rest of the way to Isco alone. As you approach your meeting spot, you see that he’s not alone, with him are two taller figures. You then remember that during your correspondence, he’d mentioned recruiting the help of César, Gerard, and Sergio to help act as a human shield to conceal you from Marco.

As you inch closer, Isco turns to you with a wide smile and opens out his arms for you. “Y/N! You made it! Hey!”

You walk into Isco’s arms, but all that’s on your mind right now is Marco. “Thank you so much, to all of you, for helping me.”

When Isco releases you, you turn to greet Gerard and César, and the three of them start explaining the plan to you. “Marco’s training right now, and when practice’s five minutes from ending, Sergio will come here and we’ll go up to the field together.”

Your head is buzzing, and you don’t absorb anything they tell you but how hard is it to surprise someone? According to the men you’re standing with, very hard.

“Y/N, it’s important that you don’t mess up the plan,” César stresses.

You nod your head and scratch the back of your head. “I get it, I get it. I have to follow you guys onto the field, you’ll call Marco over and I jump out and surprise him. How hard can it be?”

Gerard’s about to open his mouth and say something when you suddenly hear footsteps approaching. Sergio appears on top of the staircase and instructs you to get into position.

“Are you okay?” César asks as he moves to stand in front of you. “You look pale, you need to breathe Y/N.”

“She’s blushing,” Isco teases you.

“Isco, stop!” You cover your face with your hands and shake your head. Your cheeks and ears are burning hot, and you’re smiling so hard it actually hurts.

“Is she really blushing?” you hear Sergio ask.

“She’s bright red like a tomato,” Gerard responds. “Just don’t collapse, okay Y/N?”

“Can we just go already?” you ask, hating that you’re blushing so hard.

“If Y/N’s blushing like this, imagine what Chencho’ll do when he sees her.” César’s statement makes everyone laugh. “Now I’m excited to see this unfold.”

Isco laughs and says, “Maybe he’ll stop being so grumpy.”

Sergio looks over his shoulder, and when he turns back to you, he says, “Come on, men, we need to hurry up.”

Isco and Sergio walk ahead of César and Gerard who act as a shield for you. Breathe, you have to remind yourself as you walk. You’re focused on a lot right now: sticking to the plan and trying not to trip on your own feet.

You peek over the shoulders of the human shield and see the men of the team huddled in a circle with grave expressions on their faces.

“Looks serious,” you mumble.

“It really isn’t, they just make themselves look serious for the pictures.” César and Pique laugh at César’s statement. “But don’t tell that to the people.”

You shake your head. Boys are really silly. You encounter your first obstacle in the form of Lucas who comes running over when he spots you guys.

“Where did you guys go?” he asks breathlessly.

“We were in the change rooms,” Gerard lies.

“Doing what?”

“None of your business, Vázquez,” César shoots back teasingly.

“Are you giving me an attitude?” Lucas jokingly shoves César who steps back onto your toe which causes you to cry out a little. “What the hell was that?”

“Lucas,” Isco hisses through his teeth. “You’re ruining the plan.”

“What plan?” When you peek over the shoulders of Gerard and César, Lucas’ puzzled expression morphs into an excited one. “Is that–”


Lucas covers his mouth with both his hands, his eyes remaining wide. You’re all too focused on Lucas, that you don’t see Marco approaching you until it’s too late.

“Hey, where did you guys go?” Marco asks.

Everyone’s heads shoot up, and you hear a voice curse under their breath. “Thanks a lot, Vázquez.”

Lucas makes an apologetic face. As Marco inches closer to the group of men, César and Gerard step away to reveal you to your boyfriend.

“Y/N?” Marco asks in disbelief, stumbling slightly as he walks over to where you’re standing.

You smile sheepishly, suddenly shy to be standing before him. You meet each other halfway, and Marco wraps his arms around you tightly.

“Baby, I can’t believe it’s you.”

“Aw!” The five men around you say in unison.

You laugh and bury your head in the crook of Marco’s neck, not caring that he’s been running around all morning and is actually sweaty.

“You actually made it,” he says, the disbelief still in his tone. “How? I thought you couldn’t make it?”

When you step away from your embrace, you point at Isco. “He helped me plan it all.” You swipe happy tears from your eyes and giggle. “I couldn’t miss the whole thing, now could I?”

When Marco pulls you in for a kiss, the men around you start making gagging noises to which you flip them your middle finger.

“Hey Marco, are you happy that your girlfriend’s here now? Maybe you’ll stop being so mopey.”

You smile against Marco’s lips, and ask, “Were you really as grumpy as they claim you were?”

Marco nods his head, kissing you repeatedly and he tightens his grip on you. “Can you blame me? Imagine spending 24 hours of every day with these crazy guys, you’re bound to lose your mind.”

“Remember the time he threw a fit when she wasn’t answering his calls?” Lucas asks.

César chimes in and adds, “Or the time he spent hours looking through their pictures on his camera roll.”

“My favorite time was when he was when he…”

Marco rests his forehead against yours and softly says, “Maybe we should get away from them.”

You laugh and nod your head in agreeance. “I agree.”