Team Squirtle

Lapis is obviously Team Mystic and she’s still walking around with her 10 CP starter because she gets easily attached. Also she’s the “mom trainer”, who has 63 repeated Pokémon and is unable to trade any of them for candy because they’re her babies, how could she??? (Or does she just not know she can do that?? idk)

Also remember how PGO is helping people with trauma/mental illnesses leave their houses and exercise? I’d love for that to be a recovery method. Also she gets to discover brand new places all over the world because of wayward pidges and how cool is that!!!

She also has to walk bc she found out the app thinks she’s “driving” when she’s flying, so she can’t hatch eggs, but it’s okay, she prefers it this way.

Too many headcanons aside, I loved this palette so much, so much.

So I looked at my T-shirt with this design, and I thought of the locations of the starters.

We see Charmander at the spot of Power, because the entire line looks powerfull, however as we’ve seen countless times, power always gets defeated by wisdom and power.

We see Bulbasaur at the spot of courage since it takes courage to take it. Just immagine how people will laugh at you for taking the plant thing, and letting Blue get the dragon.

Squirtle is at the spot of wisdom because it’s the smart choice. Having only two weaknesses, and the ability to learn cover moves, makes it a great solo pokemon for one pokemon challenges. Also most people take charmander giving you an extra edge against them.

So I dragged you through all of this rambling just to proclaim myself a member of #teamsquirtle. You’re welcome.