Team Free Will

The Invisible Girl

Summary: The reader feels invisible when Dean brings a girl home but when she does something drastic will the boys remember that she does exist after all

Dean and Reader, Sam, Castiel, and Crowley

I have to say this is major angst, sadness, depression, suicide attempt, fluff

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She was perfect. Now I know the reason why I never told him about my feelings. I wasn’t good enough at all. I had more curves and a smaller chest, where she was just again I say perfect. He brought her to the bunker one night and they all fell all over her talking and laughing. It went on like this for six months, then I got to hear them at night too.
I was sitting on my bed reading when he opened the door and said they would be back later and shut the door again. I made my decision at that moment, I started packing my bag when Crowley appeared in my room. “Love??” “I’m leaving Crowley, I’m not wanted anymore, they found a replacement” I couldn’t help but start sobbing about the family I lost in one night. Crowley hugged me and asked what he could do. “Nothing I’m going to Jody’s for a while. I need to get away from here” He nodded and disappeared, I then sat down and wrote one sentence to tell them how I felt.
I became the invisible woman
After that I went to my car and drove off hoping to never see those imposters again.
8 Weeks later
All I did was drink and sleep, I was beyond depressed. Jody kept insisting that they were worried about me but I knew that wasn’t true. Alex and Claire kept trying to get me out of the house and tried cheering me up, but when you lose the only family you ever had it was enough to bring those nasty thoughts to the surface.
Then one night I had had enough, I grabbed my bottle of Johnny Walker and my silver knife and drove somewhere peaceful before making the choice to end all of my pain. Once the bottle was finished I took off my flannel and pushed the blade down into my skin and slit my wrist then the other. I then laid down and looked up at the stars that I enjoyed so much over the years.
My vision was going hazy and I could my emotions going away and feeling peaceful. What I didn’t know was Crowley just popping in and rushing over. My vision faded black and I felt peace.
Y/N had been bad but I never thought that it would get to this point. I picked her up and took her to the hospital. They had to put her into a coma because of the blood loss. I then decided to go see my least favorite hunters right now.
I snapped myself into the bunker and saw them doing research or whatever it the hell they were doing. “I hope your happy with yourselves” Their heads snapped up and wondered the reason for my visit. “I bet you’re wondering about that angel that used to live here” I was trying with all my might to not snap their necks. “What did you do Crowley?” Dean looked upset and then I noticed Sam looking the same way.“ Don’t you mean what did you do to her?” Well that touched a nerve.
I then snapped my fingers and brought them to her hospital room. There were several wires and IV’s attached to her along with blood and other things to help her heal. She had bandages on her arms from her wrist to her elbow. I then disappeared to let them see all the damage they had done.
Third Person
Sam and Dean took turns sitting in her room to watch her so that when she woke up so that they could fix this. Dean was taking the brunt of the guilt if he would have just told her they wouldn’t be here, but no he had to push her away and now look she’s laying in a bed fighting for her life. Sam knew about Deans and Y/n feelings for each other. He should have pushed harder.
Crowley came to visit often, we kept praying to Castiel but for whatever reason he didn’t hear us or had things going on up in heaven. Finally one day he showed up and saw just how broken he was as well. He touched her forehead but he could feel nothing. He then decided to go into her subconscience to see what was happening.
I went in to see why she wasn’t fighting to survive, then when I saw what she was dealing with broke me more. She was standing in a room with the three of us yelling horrible things to her. She felt abandoned and unloved and then I saw what she was feeling when we caused this. We didn’t see her she was an invisible person to us. I went back into my vessel.
Dean and Sam were watching me, waiting for me to tell them. So I told them everything that she had felt and everything she saw. Dean got up and looked out the window and started sobbing not knowing the damage that was done. Sam just grabbed Y/N’s hand and just started crying harder than I had ever seen. I made a decision and went back into Y/n’s head to show her that she has to fight.
I stood there listening to the boys and what they were telling you. You didn’t know how to fight more important why should I fight. “Y/N/N” I turned around and saw Castiel standing there and then everything left. “I need to show you something” “No I can’t Cas! I don’t want to hurt anymore.” You collapsed sobbing. You were broken, so much so that it couldn’t be put back together again. He came over and kneeled down to his fingers against your head. You then saw the pain that Sam and Dean were dealing with.
You looked at him and then explained that it was never on purpose to make you feel that way. He also told you that Dean was taking the blame because he should’ve just told you how he felt. He made a mistake and for that he was beyond angry when you left. You sobbed harder and Cas just held you against him and begged you to please come home. With that he left, do you fight or do you give up?
Sam went back to the room to get some rest and food. I sat there looking at her, studying her. It’s been a week since Cas had the talk with her and now I sat here waiting and hoping that she would come back. I laid my head down and closed my eyes. All of sudden she was thrashing on the bed and panicing, I tried to calm her down but I was then ushered out of the room and called Sam and told her she was awake.
I was settled in my bed and saw Dean walk back in with Sam and Cas behind him. I didn’t how to act, what was I suppose to say? Sam came up first and kissed my forehead and begged for forgiveness. “Yeah Sammy” He kissed me on the cheek and left, Cas came up next and kissed me on the cheek as well. Now it was just me and Dean. He stood there watching me with tears in his eyes, like he was going to break if he came to close. “Dean?” “I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I put you through that! You’re here because of us and I don’t how to apologize. Since the moment I met you I was head over heels in love with you”
Your jaw dropped at the sound of Dean telling you that he loved you. You started crying not to be able to stop the words of love coming out of your mouth as well. He came over slowly as if he was going to break you again. He sat on the edge of the bed and took your newly healed arms thanks to Cas and just ran his thumbs over your palm.
You then pulled him closer and kissed him softly, he froze for a milisecond and returned the kiss. God if this was heaven you never wanted to leave. He got up and took  his boots off and got into bed with you. It was going to take work but you had a feeling that things would be returning to the way they were again. They were your family again and family can’t be replaced.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Supernatural:

1.  This is Dean.  

He hunts monsters.

He’s completely straight. 

And always extremely manly.

And also very dominant. 

2.  This is Sam.

He’s Dean’s brother/monster hunting partner.  They’re both very mature together.

He’s completely normal.  Never soulless or possessed or anything.

No emotional scarring or psychological trauma going on here.  Nope.

3.  This is Castiel.  

He’s an angel of the lord. 

As such, he’s obviously very intimidating.  

Very mighty.  

All fear this terrifying, fell creature. 

4.  There is absolutely no homoerotic sexual tension in Supernatural. 

5.  Its villains are mostly demons and other unholy creatures, so of course, no one likes them.

Except for this guy.  Everyone LOVES him.  

6.  Its fans are very calm, sane, rational people who are completely accepting of opinions that differ from their own. 

7.  And of course, you will absolutely be able to maintain your sanity after watching it!

You will NOT be plunged into an existential depression over the well-being of fictional characters. 

And when you’ve run out of episodes to watch, you’ll totally be able to return to reality, no questions asked!  

The Rules of Team Free Will:

1.  Must look good in plaid. 

2.  Must *vaguely* resemble some kind of animal.

3.  Must be able to look ridiculously attractive in literally any situation.

4.  Must struggle with feelings of paternal abandonment.

5.  Must have an addictive personality and/or alcoholism.

(Don’t look so innocent, Sammy.  We know about the demon blood.)

6.  And probably PTSD.

7.  Must be the object of at least one supernatural being’s affection.

8.  Must be a master of dramatic eye-rolls. 

9.  And bitch face.

10. And finally, must be able to die a lot yet remain oddly unaffected.  

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