Team Fortress 2

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It's a quiet morning and the mercy are awoken by their lover who's peppering their faces with small and sweet kisses , how they react ? You're headcanons cheer me up everyday,they are very lovely! I'm sorry for my English,it's not my first language

Medic: Its one of the only times hes not busy doing something else and he can wake up to his SO. for once he is calm and passionate. it would probably lead to sex. be he would kiss them back and probably be a bit silly. 

Soldier: he would snore through most of it… hes a deep sleeper… but when his SO stopped he would crack and eye and smile and ask why they stopped.

Heavy: good luck using it as a way to wake him up, nothing wakes him up BUT if hes already waking up he would laugh and grap his SO tight and start kissing them all over as well. a cute snuggly morning. 

Demo: try and bat his SO away with a cheerful “Away with ye’ beast!” and the like. but really its his favorite way to be woken up, one of the only ways to wake him up and not have him in a bad mood. 

Spy: mumbles french and gently pets his SOs hair as he wakes up slowly. he starts kissing them back and after they make breakfast (in the nude of course) sex before they start their day.

Scout: Cheesy mother fucker when hes just waking up says shit like ‘you have beautiful eyes’ and ‘your cute today’. likes to have kisses when he wakes up but it kind if reminds him of how his mother would wake him as a child and doesnt really know what to think about that.

Sniper: Tries to hide himself in the blankets and SO has to go in after him and pull his lazy ass out. the man just wants to sleep and escape the evil monster (his SO) that keeps trying to get him to wake up and face the day. and he doesnt want to do that. 

Engie: he he wants to be woken up, but there better be a nice big breakfast waiting for him in the kitchen when he is awake. because he wakes up pretty early anyway and needs to start his day as quickly as possible. but the kisses are better than an alarm. if he finds the time he may have a quick fuck with his SO.

Pyro: kisses are pyros favorite. it would turn into a kiss, tickle, and pillow fight.