Team B

Imagine: Confessing to their crush

Hanbin:  o v e r t h i n k i n g, plans a elaborate date, stutters when he confesses, tries to not let it show that he is nervous but ends up like:

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playing it all normal “hey, i’m hanbin and you?”  

Junhoe: so shy he might die, tries to play it cool, looks at his feet, bites his lip

*dies a million times inside but still looks handsome af*

Chanwoo: writes a note and then gives it to you like

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*shy* “this is for you…” *runs away*

Donghyuk: confesses after giving hints all week, being a sweetheart to you, makes the most romantic confession

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“my heart is all yours, can i have yours?” *killer smile*

- kaz ft. moyo