Hot Toddy

I have been sick since Saturday, so I thought a Hot Toddy might be nice to help me get better for a sore throat.

1. The Hot Toddy is made with:

1 cup hot water

1 tea bag

¼ oz. lemon

1 tbsp honey

1 oz brandy, rum, or whiskey.

I used tap water, chamomile tea, Pampa lemon juice, Madhava agave nectar  and Bacardi light rum. 

2. Here is the picture from the net:

Seriously? A tiny cinnamon flower? I’m actually pretty jealous.

 I didn’t have any clear hot cups, but this just looks like tea. Let’s say it looks like this:

Looks perfect. Note the beautiful crossed cinnamon sticks. 

3. Taste test:

I could taste the alcohol through the tea, so I added a little more agave nectar, which tastes like honey. It’s really really good. It’s like warm sunshine that will get you buzzed. There’s a little burn up front, but adding more lemon will cut that. It’s an easy drink to make, and there’s a lot of flexibility in terms of tea bags and the type of alcohol used. 

4. You are about to have tongue surgery. You have the plague, and shortly will never be able to taste anything again. You thought you would get a last meal with your tongue at dinner. You had it all planned out…rare choice cut steak wood fired and served with garlic and cream lemon mashed potatoes, carrots with brown sugar and butter, and chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream with raspberry and caramel drizzles. The problem is, your tongue condition has worsened. The doctors thought you’d have another day before they needed to remove your enlarging taste buds, but they began growing even more quickly and they are worried if they wait more than twenty minutes you won’t have room in your mouth for your tongue anymore. What can you have in twenty minutes that is sweet and delicious, tangy and nuanced, and would be a good last flavor to have? A hot toddy, with your favorite kind of tea.

Your surgery went great, by the way. For the rest of your days you have gruel and vodka, but you can imagine it’s Hot Toddy and lasagna.