types of people: drinks

tea: cracked spines of leather-bound classics, ink smudged against the side of their hand, pastel stationary, silk pillows, rosewater

wine: ivy clinging onto faded red bricks, laughing too loudly, cigarettes burns on the arms of old leather sofas, watching old movies

cocktail: the view of the clouds through an airplane window, lost momentos, nights illuminated by neon signs

ale: woodsmoke, tiptoeing over creaky floorboards, tall grass being blown in the wind, grass stains, jumping into cold water

coffee: waves crashing against rocky cliffs, crumpled up love letters, long walks through quiet museums

hot chocolate: curling up in oversized armchairs with a good book, sitting in front of a cackling fire, bullet journaling, cherry blossom petals floating through the wind

Tea Blends

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Rose + black tea + cocoa husk

Rose + Lavender + chamomile

Hibiscus + Vanilla

Hibiscus + rosehip + apple + licorice + orange + raspberry

Strawberry + apple + lemon

Cinnamon + sweet plum + ginger + fig

Green tea + jasmine

Chamomile + vanilla

Raspberry + pomegranate

Green tea + rose + orange


Chamomile + rose + lemon

Chai + vanilla

Oolong + jasmine

Ginger + lemon

Chamomile + mint

Cinnamon + mint

Vanilla + mint

Rose + mint + lemongrass

Green tea + lemon balm

Passionflower + green tea

Sage + rose


(drink before a ritual or spell)

When drinking tea before grounding/centering, make sure there is no caffeine. Grounding is all about balancing your energy, caffeine creates an imbalance by adding a kick of energy to our bodies.

Chamomile + lemon

Licorice root + peppermint + lemonbalm

Sage + lemon

Ginger + clover

Dandelion + rose

Peppermint + ginger

Rooibos (red tea)+ sage

Chamomile + green tea + lemon


Rose + lemon

Mint + ginger + pomegranate + raspberry

Red tea + berries + rose

Apricot + almond

Black tea + black berries + raspberries

Lemon + orange + ginger

Lemongrass + apple + ginger

Rosehip + apple + citrus

Rosehip + hibiscus + blueberry + sage

Apple + cherry + hibiscus + licorice

Kiwi + lime + ginger

Vanilla + pear + ginger + lemongrass

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