Tchéky Karyo


I just want to see a whole series of, like, A Touch of Frost length where Julien and Tony solve crimes together.

The contrast of their personalities was amazing. Julien is so calm and gentle whereas Tony is a little ball of anger and emotion that Julien forever struggles to keep in check.

God, this series was beautiful and harrowing. If you haven’t watched The Missing then you totally should…!


A Gang Story (2011)

ORIGINAL TITLE:    Les Lyonnais
RUNNING TIME: 102 min.
COUNTRY: France     
DIRECTOR: Olivier Marchal
SCREENWRITER: Olivier Marchal
COMPOSER: Erwann Kermorvant
CAST: Gérard Lanvin, Tchéky Karyo, Daniel Duval, Dimitri Storoge, Patrick Catalifo, François Levantal, Francis Renaud, Lionnel Astier, Valeria Cavalli, Estelle Skornik