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Taylors Grammy dress this year was beautiful, but I couldn’t help think about how it would look in other colours. Which one is your favourite? Which do you think compliments Taylor the best?

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look imma be real here i don’t feel like either side is 100% telling the truth and that’s really shitty… but like hey what did we expect these are two of the most famous celebrities in the world rn so of course there’s gonna be an angle. me sticking with taylor isn’t me having my head up her ass, it’s simply me deciding that at the end of the day taylor’s character and music mean more to mean than one fuck up. and like, the world has been tearing at taylor since day 1 so honestly if you think this is anything new then you can take several seats. 

I’m so sick of Taylor Swift’s fans using the money, sales and awards card to ‘shut haters up’. You explain why she’s toxic, two-faced and a liar and they bring up all the money she made, all the awards she won, all the records she sold….


Donald Trump is a fucking millionaire, Bill Cosby won tons of Grammys and Emmys and Chris Brown has sold millions of records… so? What? Does that redeem them for being awful people?

Now, I’m not saying what she’s done is comparable to what literal shit (Trump) a rapist (Cosby) or an abuser (Brown) have done, I’m being hyperbolic to show a point.

Money and success don’t except her from criticism. Defending her wrongdoings with her accolades is just offensive tbh.