In 2015, I will tell you that it is a huge chance, that that person is going to come back to you and say “I miss you. I’m sorry. I want you back,” in like a week or two, right?

And I’m not gonna boss you around, but I will tell you that, it seems like these days, goodbye never really means goodbye. People think that they can just walk in and out of your life whenever they want. Or they can use up all your time and energy at your expense without giving you commitment in return. Or you can be there for them all the time, but they’re not gonna promise you anything concrete. And all I’m gonna say, is I think that all 50,000 of you here in this room deserve better than that. That’s all I’m gonna say.

And these complicated relationships, situationships, whatever you’re in, I wish they weren’t complicated. I wish you never ever had to feel conflicted about whether you should be with someone or whether you are getting what you deserve out of a relationship.

And I kinda wish, that you had two options in a relationship. Would you like to hear them, Santa Clara? The two options would be - it’s easy - you either leave, or.. you stay.

—  Taylor Swift (All You Had To Do Was Stay Speech, Santa Clara, CA 8/15/15)

Hey, Taylor!

This is Sona ( outofthe1989woods ), Elise ( wildest-dreams1989 ), and Cate ( iwrotedownoursong1989 ). We have been friends and swifties  since we were 8. We hope you like our costumes and posters! We will be seeing you on August 15th in Santa Clara (the day before Sona’s 16th birthday!!!). 

We decided to create jackets with home-made patches representing different swift things! Some of our patches include; the bad blood emoji, pegacorns, a polaroid camera, and koi fish. Our shirts are a collage of our favorite moments from the 1989 era, including your paintings, your favorite emojis, social networks, and the New York City skyline. 

Our posters are Lichtenstein influenced, complete with lots and lots of glitter. 

We will be sitting in section 103, row 26, seats 1-3 at the Levi’s Stadium concert on August 15th. 

See you then, 

Sona, Cate, & Elise


Hey taylorswift !! My name’s Kimberly and I’m 14 years old (my birthday is the 29!) and I have been in love with you and your music since the day my mom brought home the ‘Taylor Swift’ deluxe CD in 2006.
You get millions of these a day and the chance you will see this is slim but writing this is taking a chance, being fearless and optimistic.

My Mom, my sister Emily, and I will be attending are first TS concert at Levi’s Stadium FRIDAY August 14. We will be seated Section 145 Row 20 Seat 17-19!! We can’t wait!!!

Our costumes for the show are 1989 Mixtapes! We have cassette tapes around our waist titled with our favorite Taylor Swift songs-all sponsored by my Dad’s old Mixtapes! Music notes are strung along our skirt and shirts to represent 1989’s Sick Beat!

After almost a decade of waiting & 2 months of costume making, I will finally see my Idol sing live.
I love you and thank your for everything!

I would be very Enchanted to meet you,

Broadway Princess Party

Just because some people asked. Here’s the song list from the Broadway Princess Party at 54 Below:
Ariel (Desi Oakley)- Part of Your World
Merida (Teal Wicks)- Brave
Anastasia (Alison Luff)- Journey to the Past
Belle (Kara Lindsay)- Home
Anna (Laurie Veldheer)- For the first time in Forever
Pocahontas (Arielle Jacobs)- Just Around the River Bend
Aurora (Steffanie Leigh) ft. Prince (Matt Shingledecker)- Once Upon a Dream/Summertime Sadness/Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Tiana (Adrienne Warren) - Almost There
Thumbelina (Alexandra Zorn)- Soon
Adam Jacobs and Laura Osnes- Let Me Be Your Wings
Jasmine (Courtney Reed)- Call Me a Princess
Mulan (Ruthie Ann Miles)- Reflection
Rapunzel (Taylor Louderman)- When will my life Begin
Esmeralda (Ciara Renee)- God Help the Outcasts
Cinderella (Laura Osnes)- Cinderella Medley (A Dream is a wish your Heart Makes, It’s Possible, Ten Minutes Ago, On the steps of the Palace, In my own Little Corner)
Elsa (Caissie Levy)- Let It Go (Let It Be)
All Performers- When You Wish Upon a Star

Girls don't fight fair. 
They gang up, keep secrets, plot.
They can cut you down with a look.
Girls fight much dirtier than boys.
Fairy Tail Ships as Taylor Swift Lyrics
  • Natsu x Lucy: I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I'll never let you go (Safe and Sound)
  • Gray x Juvia: Please don't be in love with someone else (Enchanted)
  • Jellal x Erza: Missing him was dark gray all alone (Red)
  • Gajeel x Levy: He's complicated, he's irrational (Superman)
  • Zeref x Mavis: Say you'll remember me (Wildest Dreams)
  • Laxus x Mirajane: I'm right here, it's all good (I Wish You Would)

I want this brass knuckle necklace! I can’t wait to order it one day from CW&T ! Che-Wei Wand and Taylor Levy are so brilliant. I want to put them in a box and carry them with me  and feed them carrots and taro buns all day.