i was tagged by @uchihasaskes @kousseii @yatoqmi @midokises @kawaizumis and @lillyelizabethh thank you all! im sorry this took so long

1. name/nickname: topaz

2. gender: female

3. star sign: saggittarius 

4. height: 5′5? im not so sure lmao

5. hogwarts house: slytherin

6. favorite animal: dogs, koalas and wolves

7. hours of sleep: this week was a blessing since i got like 10 hours sleep twice but usally its 6-7

8. dogs or cats: d o g s

9. number of blankets: one

10. dream trip: i want to go to so many places so this is hard. japan, greece, france and like eveywhere in europe and america

11. dream job: phsycologist

12. time: 08:37pm

13. birthday: november 29th 2000

14. favorite bands:  the 1975, all time low, twenty one pilots, bts, imagine dragons and maroon 5

15. favorite solo artists: hasley, taylor swift, dean levis and ed sheeren

16. song stuck in my head: take on the world by you me at six

17. last movie i watched: grave of the fireflies jsdsdh it was so sad :(

18. last show i watched: it was eiter gintama or the goldbergs?

19. when did i create my blog: feb 2017

20. what do i post/reblog: anime mainly 

21. last thing i googled: reach for excellence leeds uni its a scheme for univerity lmao the deadline was today and i got in with a minute to spare

22. other blogs: im part of gintamasdaily photshopshit and have my own pastel/pink sideblog

23. do i get asks: sometimes

24. why i choose my URL: shes so pretty im in love shes perfect

25. following: 266

26. followers: 1,204

27. lucky number: idunno

28. favorite instrument: piano

29. what am i wearing: pajamas

30. favorite food: bread. fucking fight me on this. its so nice 

31. nationality: british

32. favorite song: uhh i dont have one

33. last book read: the raven boys

34. top three fictional universes i’d like to join: natsume yuujinchou, harry potter and gintama 

i tag: @kuroostetsurou @kuroosukii @1tobio / @parkjimnin @oikawatooru 


Hey, Taylor!

This is Sona ( outofthe1989woods ), Elise ( wildest-dreams1989 ), and Cate ( iwrotedownoursong1989 ). We have been friends and swifties  since we were 8. We hope you like our costumes and posters! We will be seeing you on August 15th in Santa Clara (the day before Sona’s 16th birthday!!!). 

We decided to create jackets with home-made patches representing different swift things! Some of our patches include; the bad blood emoji, pegacorns, a polaroid camera, and koi fish. Our shirts are a collage of our favorite moments from the 1989 era, including your paintings, your favorite emojis, social networks, and the New York City skyline. 

Our posters are Lichtenstein influenced, complete with lots and lots of glitter. 

We will be sitting in section 103, row 26, seats 1-3 at the Levi’s Stadium concert on August 15th. 

See you then, 

Sona, Cate, & Elise


Welcome to Titan High! Join Eren, Mikasa, Armin and all their classmates as they deal with gossip and rivals and silly shenanigans - and failing to stay out of trouble! Prefect Levi always has a sharp eye on them….still they manage to get away with having a lot of fun! Their teachers seem a little too oblivious themselves….

Our most recent CMV! Like pottertalia (which will be continuing in just two weeks!) we hope to make this au into another little mini series! The first episode has been written already, its just a matter of finding the time to film with all our lovely but very busy friends. 


Unfollowed 200+ inactive blogs. Need new ones to follow!

Reblog if you post:

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  • Chris Hemsworth/Thor
  • Robert Downey, Jr./Tony Stark
  • Frank Grillo/Brock Rumlow
  • Kat Dennings
  • Jaimie Alexander/Blindspot
  • Suicide Squad
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Gotham
  • Shameless (U.S.)
  • The Martian
  • Deadpool
  • Cameron Monaghan
  • Robin Lord Taylor
  • Jane Levy
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  • Andrew Scott
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  • Chris Pratt

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