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this love is o u r s


Those people who were mean to be back in Middle School write me these really sweet emails now about how they wish me luck. You’ve got a little part of you that wants to be like ‘Remember what you did?’ but you’ve gotta thank them for making you who you are today and for making you strong.

The Kissgate Song

 Many of us thought the Kissgate song was going to be This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, but I think it’s Dancing With Our Hands Tied. And to the antis who are going to say I’m “reaching” here, these were my first thoughts immediately when I heard this song. Here’s why DWOHT is about Kissgate:

“I loved you in secret”

This line is so obvious. Taylor and Karlie are closeted, so they have to keep their relationship secret. So gay, Tay, so gay.

“First sight, yeah, we love without reason”

Taylor and Karlie couldn’t leave each other alone after they met at the VSFS in November 2013. For the majority of 2014, they were attached at the hip and did so many things together. After knowing each other for roughly only 3 months, they went on a big road trip together. This is probably when they were falling for each other, but they connected instantly when they met. It may not have been “love at first sight”, but they were drawn to each other right away.

“Love without reason” meaning that when Taylor started dating Karlie, she fell in love with her without any reasons. This is unlike all of her beards, who she “loved” to hide what she really was.

“People started talking, putting us through our paces”

There was a huge media blow-up after Kissgate as photos and videos (very grainy and blurry, but there’s no mistake it was Tay and Karlie and what they were doing isn’t something “friends” would do) were leaked and released. This is why Kaylor took a 4 month break from being seen with each other in public and they haven’t been papped together in literally a year.

“We were dancing, dancing with our hands tied”

To have your “hands tied” means to be unable to act freely. Taylor is saying that she could never dance with Karlie the way she wanted to, they could only ever dance as friends in public. However, at Kissgate Taylor and Karlie were dancing on a balcony and were extremely touchy with each other, as Taylor was drunk and Karlie probably was too. 

“I had a bad feeling”

Perhaps Taylor knew what they were doing, being all over each other, kissing, etc. but she didn’t want to stop. She loved dancing with Karlie and touching her in public and didn’t want it to end, even if it was just for that one night.

“I loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us”

If the public found out Kaylor was dating, shit would go down. Taylor constantly fears that people are going to find out about them, and Kissgate is the moment they were almost outed. There were pictures of them kissing, you can find them on the Internet if you haven’t seen them before, but of course Tree was able to make sure everyone thought these were “fake” or “manipulated”. 

“I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wanted”

Taylor knows she was being careless that night of Kissgate, for getting drunk and being all over Karlie in public. She admits that she was a mess that night, but that Karlie accepts her and still wants to be with her anyway.

“I’d kiss you when the lights went out”

Taylor and Karlie could only kiss in private, when no one is looking and where nobody could see them. Except for Kissgate, when Tay let loose.

“I’d hold you as the water rushes in, if I could dance with you again”

Taylor would do anything to be able to dance with Karlie the way they did that night. To be able to hold Karlie close and actually act like the couple that they are, but obviously they can’t.

This could also be interpreted as Tay showing regret over how she handled Kissgate. That if she was allowed a do-over, she would’ve done things right and cherished that moment with Karlie, despite the consequences. “Hold you as the water rushes in” meaning she would’ve faced the media backlash. That she would have risked it all to go back and be able to dance with Karlie like that again.