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Hi Em! You and your fic are amazing! I just wanted to ask- How do you think Justin would react if he ever found out about Brian possibly trying to kill himself in 1x22?

Oh, I think that could end up any number of ways! It all depends on when Justin found out, how he found out, who told him, etc. I think we could get an appearance from Dr. Taylor, informing Brian about all the risks of autoerotic asphyxiation and asking what he was thinking. But it wouldn’t be like when Justin lists the risks of caffeine, or even the symptoms of syphilis. There would likely be a note of panic, because there is a very real fear that Brian could have actually killed himself. 

But honestly? I think Justin would try really hard not to make a big deal out of it. Because he knows Brian hates talking about his emotions, and he knows a conversation about something like this would make him wildly uncomfortable. Beyond that, it’s something that happened in the past. Brian didn’t do any lasting damage to himself. And that happened when Brian was freaking out about turning 30 – he’s been through much more traumatic events since that happened, and he never showed any signs of such dangerous behavior (other than his excessive drinking and drug use, of course). So I don’t think Justin would be in any real fear that Brian would do something like that again, although I’m sure he’d be rattled thinking about everything that could have happened.

So while, like I said, I think Justin’s exact reaction would vary based on a whole variety of factors, I think there would be some initial shock and horror, some anger, and then he would just be sure to hold Brian extra close that night and remind him how much he loves him. ♥♥♥♥

PS THANK YOU!!!!! You are super sweet and I’m so glad you enjoy my fic/me. :D 

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Take My Advice - Wild Party

Andria - La Dispute 

You’re So Creepy - Ghost Town 

Lost in Stereo - All Time Low

Obsessed - TBMA ft. Lynn Gvnn (liSTEN TO THIS)

Resistance - Muse

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Name: Hailey

Nickname: a few of my friends call me Pie

Birthday: October 15th

Sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3 I think??

Fav Color: I like shades of blue, purple, and green

Sexuality: ehh biromantic homosexual maybe. I am questioning but that is what I identify with right now

Time right now: 11:36 pm

Avg hours of sleep: my sleep schedule is rly messed up I get like 7-9 hrs and I sleep well into the afternoon lmao

Lucky number: my favorite number is like multiples of four

Last thing you googled: baekhyun smile

First word that comes to mind: blue

How many blankets do you sleep under: 1-3 depending on how i’m feeling

Favorite fictional character: probably Momotarou Mikoshiba from Free! he is my one of my many loves

Favorite famous people: uhh Dan, Phil, a few guys from my favorite bands. there’s probably more but none come to mind right now lmao

Celeb crushes: i don’t really have any??

Favorite anime: either noragami or haikyuu!!

Favorite tv show: sense8 and American horror story

Favorite band: i have so many omg twenty one pilots, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, exo, and a bunch of like individual electronic music artists

Favorite game: i like life is strange and beyond: two souls but i don’t rly play a lot of games

Last movie seen in theaters: i don’t even remember maybe pitch perfect 2??

Dream holiday: maybe Japan or like a long trip around Europe

Wearing right now: a free! shirt and black shorts

Dream job: i’d love to be an artist or work at a place like a zoo to help animals and such

Last book I finished reading: does iwaoi fic count lmao i don’t even remember maybe Eleanor and Park??

Happy place: i enjoy my bedroom and I like cool places outdoors where there aren’t bugs lmao

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