guys, while we’re talking about ts6′s tour…. I just want to say… I’ve been to a handful of concerts in my time. not a single one I didn’t enjoy. every concert has its own brand of specialness to it that no other concert recreates - even on the same tour. every tour has its own brand of specialness that no other tour ever recreates - even by the same artist. every artist has their own brand of specialness that no other artist recreates. 

but there’s something about a taylor swift show that feels like a very special gift. i don’t know how to explain or describe it and i don’t know what it is… but there is something about it… maybe its how present she is on stage. maybe its her stage personality which is so conversational but Special… maybe its the production.. maybe it’s all of it… I don’t know… but there is something about a taylor swift show that feels like a gift that is so special and particular that i’ve never felt even half of at another show. 

I got drinks with an old friend last night who moved away before I did (she lives in Asheville) and this is the first time in over 7 years we’ve been in the same state. And it’s kind of funny because we both changed in completely opposite ways. I became a lot more open and outgoing and she became very calm and soft spoken. But what was crazy to me was that even with our noticeable differences we got along so much better than we ever used to. We both came to NY the same week for a lot of the same reasons and will also be leaving soon for the same reasons. She also feels that huge disconnection like I do to the people that live here that we used to know. They all treat us like garbage which is so confusing because we have put that part of our lives behind us and realize that what happened in high school doesn’t matter anymore. It hasn’t mattered in a long time. Our lives during the past few years have been so parallel to eachothers and she really brought to my attention a huge part of myself that I still need to work on. She kind of showed me who I want to be. It’s so rare these days to meet someone so genuine with such a pure heart. It was a really really nice experience and I’m glad it happened.