(24) Gamzee is nonbinary, specifically agender, but is pretty chill about it and doesn’t freak out when people misgender them. Only Karkat and Tavros know, but that’s less of a case of Gamz not being out of the closet and more of an issue of them not bothering to tell anyone.

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THE TRUE REASON FOR THE PAGE OUTFIT. Because you know English would have done the same thing

Comic by doodleanon (who doesn’t exist anymore?)

Things the Homestuck fandom needs to understand

1. Everyone in HS is an asshole in some way. Every character has flaws!
2. Trolls are not humans and will not act a certain way just because you want them to.
3. Trolls are supposed to kill at some point, especially highbloods.
4. It’s just a webcomic, stop getting so bent out of shape over it.
5. You need to stop hating on people just because they like a certain character/ship. I don’t care what your reasoning is. Just stop!
6. If HS and the characters are such a trigger to you then it would be smart to stay away from it. Stop complaining about it to the fandom just because you choose not to get rid of the thing triggering you.