What the Signs Are Insecure About
  • Aries:How loud they are
  • Taurus:How much they weigh
  • Gemini:How many people like them
  • Cancer:Everything
  • Leo:How pretty they are
  • Virgo:If people think they're nerdy
  • Libra:If they're annoying to others
  • Scorpio:Their secrets
  • Sagittarius:Their personality
  • Capricorn:Judgment
  • Aquarius:If their friends hate them secretly
  • Pisces:What people think of them
the signs at parties

aries: fighting someone
taurus: the party is at their house
gemini: they invited all of their friends to the party
cancer: not even at the party probably
leo: they brought the alcohol
virgo: are they on drugs? maybe
libra: they randomly disappear and come back later
scorpio: with how many ppl have they made out yet?? no one knows
sagittarius: can drink a lot but doesn’t get drunk
capricorn: taking care of her friends, flirty and social af
aquarius: screams a lot, becomes kinda aggressive
pisces: the one who says is not drunk


aries- is the best princess there is and can ever be.

taurus- doesn’t wanna be there.

gemini- marries the prince for more money and then kills him.

cancer- the generous down to earth princess who shares the goods.

leo- sabotages the king and queen to be the only ruler left.

virgo- rules the kingdom without any help.

libra- does what’s right for the people.

scorpio- fights with other kingdoms for fun.

sagittarius- parties and gets drunk as hell while her parents look for her.

capricorn- doesn’t show up to anything.

aquarius- bathes in diamonds and gold.

pisces- is princess of the underworld and all evil things, and loves it.

The Signs as Age of Ultron Characters
  • Aries:Thor Odinson; brave, impulsive, unyielding
  • Taurus:Bruce Banner; stubborn, self-controlled, reliable
  • Gemini:Maria Hill; intellectual, innovative, efficient
  • Cancer:Wanda Maximoff; loyal (to loved ones), emotional, unforgiving
  • Leo:Tony Stark; ambitious, egotistical, charismatic
  • Virgo:Natasha Romanoff; analytical, strong willed, tenacious
  • Libra:Clint Barton; diplomatic, charming, loyal
  • Scorpio:Pietro Maximoff; intense, protective, determined
  • Sagittarius:Ultron; visionary, unpredictable, philosophical
  • Capricorn:Nick Fury; hard-working, ambitious, observant
  • Aquarius:Vision; detached, humanitarian, wise
  • Pisces:Steve Rogers; idealistic, caring, sentimental
The Signs Playing the Sims

Traps all the sims in one room and kills them: Aries

Woohoos with everyone: Scorpio

Uses too many cheats: Leo

Actually plays the game: Capricorn

Spends the entire time in CAS: Libra

Focuses on career: Virgo

Travelling everywhere: Sagittarius

Crying because their favorite sim died: Pisces

Mastering all the food dishes: Taurus

Becomes a celebrity: Aquarius

Making a big family: Cancer

Goes and steals everyone’s money: Gemini
The Signs Description...
  • Aries:Wishes for the impossible, but can do anything
  • Taurus:Burning sun in a Winter morning
  • Gemini:The kind of pot everyone wants to smoke
  • Cancer:Hotter and Cooler than everyone
  • Leo:24/7 hilarious badass
  • Virgo:The Superstar everyone wants to be
  • Libra:Smart but Shady
  • Scorpio:The reason why the Internet is both extremely loved and increasingly hated
  • Sagittarius:Makes people feel like they're in pre-school again
  • Capricorn:Has the kind of warmth and smile that you want to preserve forever
  • Aquarius:Buried treasure that will never lose value
  • Pisces:Sweet like grapefruit but sexy like the color red
How the signs grieve/mourn/move on (check your moon or chiron)
  • Aries:They hold it in trying to be tough, but eventually they explode and have an emotional outburst. They'll probably sulk and mope for a while then move along.
  • Taurus:They tend not to express violent emotions unlike Aries and will simply seek as much comfort and security as possible. When moving on, they'll move faster with the most comfort and slower with the least.
  • Gemini:They'll be irritable, unstable, very restless, and generally upset. They'll probably organize their life as much as they can, adapt, and move on.
  • Cancer:Despite being the moon's ruling sign, they can be insecure and lost with their emotions and cling on to the familiar/secure. They will want to be in peace and quiet, comforted, and understood while they move on.
  • Leo:LOTS of drama and sulking, they'll appear inconsolable, but never in front of people so you may be oblivious to their grief. Pampering themselves, hanging out with people who make them feel better, and simply calming down is how they will move on.
  • Virgo:They may seem somewhat ruffled, extra sensitive/routine, and hard to understand. They'll set a practical plan for everything they do to help themselves move along easily.
  • Libra:Can be very emotional, can not show an emotion depending on the situation. They like to be surrounded by people they can rely on since they can be uncertain and moral support is very helpful to them.
  • Scorpio:It takes a lot for them to get deeply upset, but they can also be dramatic and stubborn while upset. Surrounding themselves with those they care about can help them move along.
  • Sagittarius:They try not to get too down and out about everything, but if they do they'll try and escape the situation. They'll probably take a day and just go somewhere, anywhere to clear their mind and move on.
  • Capricorn:When they get upset, you better watch out. There will be emotions everywhere, they will be very sensitive, and self critical of everything. They'll seek safety where they can find it to anchor themselves and move on.
  • Aquarius:Already detached in nature, they'll hide what they're feeling but may have a few outbursts. To move on, they'll stick their head back in the clouds and get back to where they were before.
  • Pisces:Since they can be very soft-hearted, they are very preceptive to all emotions and can be deeply wounded especially if they focus on the hurt for too long. Moving on requires time, patience, and having a little fun.
The signs as Disney princesses :

Aries - Mulan
Taurus - Cinderella
Gemini - Rapunzel (Tangled)
Cancer - Snow White
Leo - Merida (Brave)
Virgo - Tiana (The Princess And The Frog)
Libra - Belle (Beauty And The Beast)
Scorpio - Megara (Hercules)
Sagittarius - Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Capricorn - Pocahontas
Aquarius - Alice in Wonderland
Pisces - Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

How the signs would hide a body

Aries: bury it under the floorboards

Taurus: cleans up all evidence of them being there and leaves the body

Gemini: chops it up and stores it because Geminis are probably fucking cannibals not gonna lie

Cancer: stuffs it in a body bag and dumps it in a river to wash away any DNA

Leo: burns it and disposes of the ashes

Virgo: probably has a meat freezer or something fucked up like that

Libra: dumps it in a landfill

Scorpio: hides it in the walls or ceiling

Sagittarius: puts it in a car and drives the car into the middle of the woods, then ditches it

Capricorn: probably is the body

Aquarius: hides it in a river for a jogger or something to find

Pisces: hides it in the woods for animals to eat