pumpkin moons 
and cloudy skies
persuade you
to linger within
midnight’s unknown

pressing leaves
between wax pages,
you’ll do anything to
capture autumn’s aura

in transitioning from
verdancy to decay,
you hide cobwebbed breath  
in an ephemeral spectacle

you absorb the sight
of a world aflame,
and rekindle your faint
autumnal glow

you moth to burning trees,
pretending their fire will
replace warmth once known 

crackling fires echo
the crunch of dried leaves,
even at home, faded nature
cannot be contained

the landscape is a canvas
speckled orange and red,
bleeding and melting as one
(you want to be a masterpiece,
but cannot seem to compare)

dusk always arrives too soon—
consuming the sky before
daylight can ever be known

deciduous embers fall and
become illusory wildfires—
whispers of warmth to
drown out the biting cold 

rusty trees and metallic winds
herald the inevitability
of summer’s end 

the brisk and lonely air send
tremors through your veins;
no one is immune to November’s
whispery atmosphere

apple-tinted winds 
mask the reality of
haunting shadows and
barren trees that follow
wherever you go

—  fall poetry for the signs // fauxastrology
comforting the moon signs


Leave them alone. Honestly, just… leave them alone for a while. While not always the case, these folks prefer to calm down first. Aries lunarians tend to react on impulse easily and they’re easily overwhelmed by their emotions so they need to sort that out for themselves in a way. This doesn’t mean you have to (but also might have to) physically leave them alone. Just don’t mention their troubles more than necessary; they might overreact. Let them initiate things on their own.


Just be there; be the rock they failed to be themselves this time. You don’t need to do anything spectacular, just hug them. Mentally be there for them, but physically as well. They might want to talk about it, if so just listen to them vent, but for the moment, don’t try to solve anything. The bull prefers to solve their problems themselves, even though they may appreciate a good piece of advice. Hug them. Make them feel save in your arms. Feel them. Make it obvious you care.


Gemini moons tend to shut down when they’re at a low point, but that surely doesn’t mean they should. Let them communicate their problems. Let them pour their heart out; be interested in their concerns and emotions. However, no matter what they’re saying, what they’re feeling, make sure to see them for who they are. Their emotions are quick to change, the person or situation they’re upset because isn’t what’s (the most) important. It’s them. Their current feelings. Their position. Also, make them laugh a bit. Don’t make it rude, don’t make fun of them. But try to make them crack a smile. They’ll appreciate it.


Don’t ignore what they’re going through, obviously, but don’t remind them of it even more. They’re already feeling it with every fiber of their body. Instead, gently distract them. Do things together you know they like. If they’re into baking, bake with them. If they love a particular show, watch it with them and cuddle a bit. Don’t expose them to the hectic reality of day-to-day life. Comfort them by helping them distress. Be like a mother comforting its child.


Fuel their ego. It might sound shallow, it might be, but Leos need it. Remind them of their glow, tell them why and what you love about them. Don’t just throw compliments at them in hope that they’ll feel better. Make it genuine. Listen to them, be there, and then distract them a bit, but stay close. Maybe hold their hand, or play with their hair. If you know they like it, take them to the outdoors, let them breathe some fresh air and go on a small adventure, just the two of you. Show them the love the world holds for them.


Keep them distracted. Pamper them a bit, focusing on the details of why you love them. If they can’t do things they normally can, like grocery shopping or the like, do that for them, but don’t try to solve their overall problem. Don’t tell them to “calm down” or “stop worrying so much”. They WILL worry and they WILL feel anxious, so just listen to their rants, humour them a bit, listen some more. Keep them busy. Observing Virgo will notice that you were there for them, even if you didn’t (manage to) do anything in the end.


Stay focused on them. Don’t compare your problems to theirs, they’re so often so occupied with everyone else’s problems, give them something back. Libra lunarians tend to be indecisive so lightly push them into making a choice (by themselves of course). Give them your love, let them feel it. Give them a hug. Kiss their forehead or their head. Rub their back. Hold them close, make them be able to lose themselves in your arms.


Hug them. Put your arms around them, tightly, as if you’re trying to hold them from falling apart. Let them feel whatever they’re feeling but don’t let them alone with it. Agree with them, as long as you’re not completely faking it; they’d sense it. Make sure they don’t feel judged, that you’re still thinking as highly of them as before. Please don’t let them regret finally opening up to someone. Please give yourself to them as long as they need you to be there for them.


Help them escape their bad feelings. Stand by their side. The archer doesn’t need someone to solve their problems for them, while they try to avoid them they still know how to handle them themselves in the end, and that goes for the moon in Sagittarius person as well. Distract them with what matches them. Visit a quiet café with an introvert and talk about whatever comes to mind, whatever makes them forget their low point. Go to a wild concert or the amusement park with an extrovert and let them laugh all the sorrow away. Don’t let their optimism fade away.


These guys like to not make it obvious when they’re down, they may even try to shrug it off. But if you want to comfort them, try to not push them into anything. Listen to their thoughts and nod your head, no need for big words with this sign (although some uplifting words are never a bad thing). Don’t smother them with physical affection, blankets and food, you’d suffocate them. If you view it as appropriate, try to distract them. Otherwise just let them free some of their thoughts.


Aquarius moon often wants to be alone in low moments as well and are a bit harder to comfort, but they usually already appreciate it when you believe in them. If you really want to make them feel better though, be positive. They want to talk. Aquarius loathes feeling bad. Don’t just say cliché things like ‘don’t worry, all will be well’. Make them laugh. Remind them of good times. Push them in the right direction; make them look ahead, make them not give up. 


While Pisces lunarians usually differ a lot when it comes to how they want to be comforted when at a low point, they are all big on the ‘acknowledge my feelings’ one. While this is the case for pretty much everyone, moon in Pisces wants you to be present when there for them. Actually, these folks do a lot better with being able to feel that you care and are silently supporting them than seeing you doing grand things but not meaning it.

Note: Always remember to take your other placements into consideration. Nothing stands and works all on its own.

Cancer Fights!

A Cancer and Aries fight: Both are leaving burns and scars.

A Cancer and Taurus fight: You would think these two are fire signs when angry passion comes out in their fights.

A Cancer and Gemini fight: Gemini is vocal and loud while Cancer distant and passive aggressive. Gemini gets over the fight but Cancer probably won’t!

A Cancer and Cancer fight: Who can do the silent treatment the longest.

A Cancer and Leo fight: All about pride and ego.

A Cancer and Virgo fight: Both think they are right, Virgo criticizes and Cancer lectures/scolds.

A Cancer and Libra fight: They constantly point the blame to each other.

A Cancer and Scorpio fight: They are out to hurt each others feelings.

A Cancer and Sagittarius fight: Cancer guilt trips Sagittarius and Sagittarius can be insensitive and careless.

A Cancer and Capricorn fight: Capricorn puts Cancer down and Cancer knows what to say to hurt Capricorn.

A Cancer and Aquarius fight: Cancer manipulates with emotions and Aquarius tricks with reason.

A Cancer and Pisces fight: Dirty looks, yelling, crying, and makes each other feel like crap.

The signs at homecoming

Aries: *awkwardly dances in the corner as none of their friends came*

Taurus: man hunting

Gemini: isn’t even at homecoming, they just stayed home eating chips

Cancer: came in a group of people but they kinda just forgot about you so now poor Cancer is just sitting at a table waiting for it to be over

Leo: lucky son of a gun who got a spicy date

Virgo: them: “PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYYY!!!!!” administration: “please leave”

Libra: somehow got past the strict dresscode and wears a saucy dress

Scorpio: that person everyone hates that screams “THIS IS MY JAM!” every time whenever a song comes on

Sagittarius: *spikes the drinks*

Capricorn: came with a group of their friends, and unlike cancer, is still with their friends and having a good time

Aquarius: never looks up from their phone the whole time

Pisces: dancing but they don’t really know how to dance so their just whipping and dabbing 


Aries: Poor behavioural controls
Taurus: Parasitic lifestyle
Gemini: Impulsivity
Cancer: Cunning and manipulativeness
Leo: Grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
Virgo: Pathological lying
Libra: Glib and superficial charm
Scorpio: Sexual promiscuity
Sagittarius: Callousness and lack of empathy
Capricorn: Lack of remorse or guilt
Aquarius: Shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
Pisces: Lack of realistic long-term goals

If love was how they described it in the movies...

Aries: You’d be holding me in the pouring rain right now

Taurus: I wouldn’t have to be waiting for you to come home

Gemini:  I would have seen flowers bloom inside your eyes, and for stars to shine out of mine

Cancer:  You would have never become just another stranger again

Leo: We would have traveled the world together, but I’m still here, stuck

Virgo:  I would still have had someone to grow old with 

Libra: This bed would have less space with you taking up all the room

Scorpio: Maybe I’d actually have a happy ending

Sagittarius:   Well, thank goodness it didn’t end like the movies because then I’d be stuck with you

Capricorn:  You would be just as broken about me as I was about you 

Aquarius:  I should have experienced fireworks by now 

Pisces: I wouldn’t be so worried about being alone right now

Leo Fights!

A Leo and Aries fight: No louder fight in the zodiac.

A Leo and Taurus fight: Intense and heated, Taurus is brutal and grudge holding, Leo gives mean comments and takes harsh actions.

A Leo and Gemini fight: It’s a contest about who can be the loudest.

A Leo and Cancer fight: All about pride and ego.

A Leo and Leo fight: Too much pride and stubbornness.

A Leo and Virgo fight: Virgo picks at Leo’s flaws and Leo picks at Virgo’s insecurities.

A Leo and Libra fight: Leo roars and Libra whines. Leo can get pushy and Libra makes Leo feel bad.

A Leo and Scorpio fight: So much anger!

A Leo and Sagittarius fight: Both want to punch each other in the face but get tangled in harsh words.

A Leo and Capricorn fight: Bossiness, condescending behavior, and selfishness galore!

A Leo and Aquarius fight: This is a fight about whose idea is right, who is in control, and who has the last say.

A Leo and Pisces fight: Let’s just say no one wins.

The signs as Natsu Dragneel gifs


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The Signs as Brothers
  • Aries:The brother who is your best friend
  • Taurus:The little brother that looks up to you
  • Gemini:The awesome gay bro
  • Cancer:the brother that doesn't care about u
  • Leo:The brother that is football captain and has sex in your bedroom because theirs is messy
  • Virgo:The brother that went to Argentina and came back a hippy.
  • Libra:The bro your parents compare you to
  • Scorpio:The bro that beats you up
  • Sagittarius:Likes cooking meals for the family
  • Capricorn:The annoying brother everyone hates
  • Aquarius:The brother that looks after you
  • Pisces:The brother that is really creative
The Zodiac Signs as Bob's Burgers Characters
  • Aries:Zeke
  • Taurus:Tina
  • Gemini:Jimmy Pesto Sr.
  • Cancer:Gene
  • Leo:Tammy
  • Virgo:Gayle
  • Libra:Jimmy Jr.
  • Scorpio:Louise
  • Sagittarius:Linda
  • Capricorn:Bob
  • Aquarius:Mort
  • Pisces:Teddy
Cute things about the signs

Aries: When you ask them about their fave thing and they get super excited and lost in detail about how amazing it is to them

Taurus: After teasing for like 50 yrs they go nd love you just to make sure you know it wasn’t a mean tease

Gemini: Watching their reaction when they learn something new like a theory of their fave show/game, new movie releases of their fave trilogy, random cool facts, ect.

Cancer: When u tell them a cheesy joke that makes them laugh until they can’t breathe bc they appreciate U and the way you can make things seem funny

Leo: When u randomly surprise them w/something like a meal, affection, gift, they act so grateful nd are rlly happy you thought about them (but they try too hard to act lowkey about it)

Virgo: How appreciative they get when you remember little things about what they like and don’t like, also just the fact you take small things about them into consideration (especially when u go shopping and get something that reminds u of them)

Libra: When they get lost in telling you stories and they’re using a lot of hand motions and sound effects

Scorpio: When they lowkey roast you about smthing really small but it makes them laugh bc it’s SO small it’s pointless but still hilarious

Sagittarius: How they get pumped about making plans to go places and do things that they’ve been waiting to do for agesssssssss

Capricorn: when they laugh cry over something you said/did because you messed up words or maybe messed up smthing in a “funny” way

Aquarius: when they tell you “look I’m not good at comforting people” nd they give you heartfelt advice followed by awk hug/pat on back then laughing

Pisces: how they do little things for you (like always get you you’re fave drink, send you pics of your fave things, tag u in a certain meme they think would make you laugh)

What are you?

I went from Taurus to Aries

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
Pisces: March 11-April 18.
Aries: April 18-May 13.
Taurus: May 13-June 21.
Gemini: June 21-July 20.
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17. (NEW!)
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

The signs as Sisters
  • Aries:That sister who would go to Hell and back to rescue their sibling
  • Taurus:The sister that eats all the snacks
  • Gemini; The sister who is kinda messed up
  • Cancer:The sister who pretends their siblings don't exist
  • Leo:The mean older sister
  • Virgo:The annoying sister
  • Libra:The middle child no one cares about
  • Scorpio:The sister who plays sports with their siblings and beats them up but it's okay because BONDING
  • Sagittarius:The big sister who plays with you
  • Capricorn:The sister who your parents compare you to
  • Aquarius:The sister who are always fighting with their sibling(s)
  • Pisces:The sister that is your best friend
Libra Fights!

A Libra and Aries fight: No one really knows how it started or what happened but things escalated quickly.

A Libra and Taurus fight: Uncommunicative and frustrating.

A Libra and Gemini fight: More of a heated debate, more frustrating than anything.

A Libra and Cancer fight: They constantly point the blame to each other.

A Libra and Leo fight: Leo roars and Libra whines. Leo can get pushy and Libra makes Leo feel bad.

A Libra and Virgo fight: Criticism, back-handed comments, and pouting take place in this fight.

A Libra and Libra fight: Filled with passive aggression, communication is twisted, and watch out for lies.

A Libra and Scorpio fight: Scorpio rages and Libra is elusive and it can be hard to solve conflicts with these two.

A Libra and Sagittarius fight: Libra wants answers, tries to use reason or compromise, Sagittarius wants to be right and is harsh.

A Libra and Capricorn fight: Libra argues and Capricorn demands.

A Libra and Aquarius fight: Aquarius gets to the point and Libra tries to tip toe around the issue. Both just want things to be solved.

A Libra and Pisces fight: Both say they don’t want to fight but then tear each other apart.

**aquarius sun, Virgo moon** ***in order from which I get along with the most then least***


you’re great. you’re always there for me, you let me in, you don’t make me feel small. Your sarcasm gets me all the time, and you even said it, you’d kill someone for me. I love the way you express concern over something important and agree with things that I see as important, too. In a debate, you’re just great with feelings, you don’t get hurt easily even though you know how abrasive I can be. You understand my need for solitariness, and you don’t question it, either. You try to stay strong when I’m not and I admire you a lot for that. The only thing I want you to know that is that when I’m on my low days, you’re NOT the reason. You can’t calm me when I’m in a storm, and you can’t pin me down when I’m spinning. It’s not your fault. Never was, never will be. You’re not to blame for.


you’re amazing at letting me be. You give me time to think, you help me with things, you’re the one that lessens my stress; and that’s saying a lot. You try to keep everyone happy but sometimes you can burden yourself on that. Like Scorpio, you let me in and trust me with things that would kill you if it was spoken to another. The things I’ve heard from you triggered the feelings of wonder and awe and shock, because your words son d like poetry. You try to stay above, but not without helping everyone around you get on your level, too. You know how selfish I can be, and you understand my random act of selflessness. You understand my low tide, and you also know when it’s time to let me be and think. I know that you won’t let me go when I’m drowning.


you’re talkative and intelligent, and you’re certainly a people person. I’ve seen you talk to people of authority with ease, and little kids with the voice of someone approachable. You’re so funny and so sarcastic and punny that sometimes I forget where I am. You’re there for me all the time, and even when it’s 5 am and I text you “I wanna talk” you take less than a minute to reply and say “I’m here.” You get it when I give you my boundaries and all the cussing I do. You joke it off when I insult you by accident. You’re the one I can go to when I need someone to talk to, or to explain my story to. After all, you always listen.


getting in a debate with you is hilarious and heated at once. You have the facts, you have the opinions, you’ve got the skills. I admire you for speaking your thoughts, and good god I love your brutal honesty. I could care less when you say my hair looks horrible, instead of saying it looks great when it clearly doesn’t. You’re the one that doesn’t do the gooey shit, and you don’t collapse on me unexpectedly and expect me to express concern. You understand the coldness I possess and all the detachment I’ve done to you and the others. You don’t judge me. You tell me things I can see, and you get to things straight to the point. I’m glad that you’re my friend.


we’ve always seen eye to eye. You like to laugh, and I like to make you laugh, and vice versa. You’re so witty, I don’t know where those words came from. You’re selfless, and you’re so polite, I can’t do anything but be covered in awe. You’re also a bit loud, and I like that, too. You’re always smiling, always including everyone in everything.


we’re opposites, I know; but that doesn’t stop us from talking to each other. You’re exuberant and you stand out, but your ego shows up a lot more (;)), not that I mind. You’re funny and sweet, and at times you can be ruthless and reckless. But that’s one of our traits, so I’m basically looking at a reflection of myself when I’m with you. We may not ALWAYS see eye to eye, but we know what we’re trying to say and we always have a fair game.


you’re cool to hang out with, but sometimes you can be a bit too held back. I need you to actually understand, but sometimes you just ignore all the oblivious facts and it gets me annoyed, and at other times you get so hyper it gets me excited because that’s the actual time I feel like I’m actually allowed to talk without feeling judged, and the excitement seems to be contagious around you. Maybe we can be close friends, but please, please know that you’re not the only one that feels like everyone’s out to get you.


we can talk forever. We know when to stop. We know when to keep going. But we don’t know when to stay or go. We detach ourselves too much from each other and everyone else, that it’s turned into a habit. One time I’m talking to you, and then when I turn around, you’re gone. Or you’re talking to me, and then I leave. But it’s okay. We know how we do it, we know why. We’re just jigsaws to each other, but we don’t really care how we fix it, we just want it done.


I love your intelligence and charismatic self. You’re easy to talk to, and you’re chill asf. I know that you want to know everything about me, but it’s a bit difficult to tell you anything. I know you don’t want to pry either, but sometimes you do it without knowing. Other than that, you’re just someone that I can go to if I want to talk to or catch up on something.


yes, I do get along with you. But sometimes I don’t. Most of the time I do, though. Like Libra, sometimes you want to know everything. But I like your cool exterior and the conversations we have. You keep everything so simple, and you don’t get into things I’m uncomfortable with. You know how systematic I am and how we’re very similar. You a,ways work hard and always try to get things done, and if that isn’t cool, i don’t know what is. I love the way you work with things and i love watching how your patience grows.


we’ve had a bad past. I don’t care about you anymore. I don’t like you anymore. Just you. But the other Virgos are the ones I love. Some of them can be a bit annoying, but I still like them. Virgo, I love your plans. I love the way you never stop trying to find a solution, try to keep peace. But Virgo, please stop nagging. Please stop yelling. I know you’re trying to stop, but please. We’re here for you. We will help you. We’re always here.


it’s not that I don’t get along with you, it’s just that I don’t know what to say around you, and that’s also saying a lot. You’re so emotional, so open, so touchy that I don’t know what to do. You got hurt, and you told me. I rub your shoulder really lightly and say “you ok?” And you just look at me all crazy. What am I supposed to do? You don’t get it when i say “what should I do when I’m faced with emotions?” It’s not a joke. Cancer, I love your warmth and your devotion, but I don’t understand how you cope with everyone’s feelings. I learn how to take care of people with you, and I learn how to tolerate people with you. I just can’t understand them when they’re crying or pushing me away. I don’t understand it. But you do. And that’s why you’re so sweet and appreciated.