Scenario:  A Day in Life with the Hobbit Cast
  • Bard:trying to bring world peace, feeding 3 children, attracting a 6000 year old king
  • Bilbo:questioning his life choices, questioning his sexuality, thinking about tea and Thorin
  • Gandalf:smoking pipes, fuckin up shit, making up for it
  • Thranduil:getting annoyed by wizards, collecting dwarves in the dungeons, trying on 21 diffrent outfits,sipping wine
  • Thorin:rolling eyes at everyone except for Bilbo, daydreaming about Bilbo, Bilbo, Gold, Erebor, Bilbo
  • Kili:mistaking male Elves for female, getting saved by Tauriel, looking up to Tauriel with heart eyes, being cute
  • Fili:taking care of his younger brother, trying to get more screen time, not getting more screen time, pouting
  • Legolas:cockblocking, intensiying, getting friendzoned, cockblocking, killing an orc, getting friendzoned
  • Tauriel:disobeying her king, living a teenage dream with Kili, guessing Kili's last name, friendzoning the prince
  • Dain:feeding his war pig, shit talking about the Elven king, adjusting his horn beard
  • Azog:killing off every race other than orcs, heart to heart talks with Bolg, grieving for his lost arm
A Sneaky Sneak Peek

The grass was soft and wet where they sat together in the park, even as the night only grew thicker with the dry summer air.

Tauriel had curled herself even tighter, knees tucked beneath her chin and jacket hood thrown over her head. Dís realized now in the back of her head why the girl wore it even in this heat: to hide.

“I knew I loved him, from the first moment he ever spoke to me I knew,” she managed in one shuddering breath. “I knew it was real.”

The tear tracts had dried on Dís’ cheeks by then, taking all her sympathy with them.

“You’re too young to know what love feels like,” she answered.

“Screw you!” And there was the firey anger; the passion again. It was easier to deal with then the sadness, it always was. Tauriel pushed herself up and leveled a flinty glare at the older woman. “I’m bloody tired of being told again and again that it wasn’t real! How would you know? How would any of you fucking know? It was real for me…it was real.”

Dís looked off in the distance, face blank.

She was stoking the fire now, she didn’t care. None of it mattered.

“Kíli never spoke about you to me, ever. I never even knew you existed, and now I wish it had stayed that way.”

The hurt that passed through those green eyes was almost enough to make Dís regret what she’d said. Almost.

Tauriel’s hood fell off as she whirled around, pooling around her long neck and revealing stark red hair.

“He didn’t trust you.” She said mutely over her shoulder.

Dís shrugged, aiming the last brutal blow. “Perhaps. Or maybe he simply didn’t care as much about you as you believe. Now, leave me.”

“You don’t even realize how lucky you have it.” Tauriel replied in defeat.

“I said GO.”

Tauriel scoffed as the dry night swallowed her up, “Gladly.”