Presuming that they don’t smell bad inside or out, what’s not to love about these awesome Tauntaun rocking horses?

Thanks to a couple helpful commenters on io9, we’ve learned that they were handmade by a skilled Star Wars-loving woodworker named Chuck Bowman aka The WoodChuck.

2nd and 3rd photos via MEPD.

[via Geek Crafts and io9]

Here’s a Tauntaun that probably smells just fine on the inside, although it’s probably pretty cold in there too. Redditor Xnipek shared this photo of their friend sitting astride the awesome Snow Tauntaun that he’d just made.

A Tauntaun would come in really handy during a blizzard. So we’re relieved to learn that there’s no need to journey to the frozen wastes of Hoth to find one. Just find a snowy field and make one yourself.

[via Geekologie


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