Why can’t you let go? Like a bird in the snow. This is no place to build your home.
—  lyrics from Friction by Imagine Dragons

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Oh ! I love it !!!!!!!!

I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!!

When your jam comes on, but ya squad ain’t there


Everyone creates the thing they fear…

Big toys, little custom.


the fabric on my top is stunning

F I G U R E M Y. H E A R T. O U T.

Lovely top …

I WANT IT !!!!!!


He’s going to be a great father.

anonymous asked:

Detailed description of all of lexa's tattoos. Place, meaning, age she got it, and what color and how she picked the artist. PLEASE &THANK YOU

- her first is her heart donor’s name (danny, he was 16 & liked diehard & baseball & making homemade ice cream & his favorite food was peanut butter, he died bc he was hit by a car riding his bike). lexa gets to meet his parents when she’s seventeen & a half & it’s just rly cool for all of them. when she goes to college a few months later in the fall she thinks abt danny sometimes bc she has this v cool big life brimming w a lot of potential & sometimes her heart beats rly hard it’s such a good heart. so on his birthday (2 october) she decides it’d be a cool little tribute to him so it’s just his name p small in typewriter script on her left ribs & she got a rec from a friend abt the artist

- the winter of their freshman year clarke is rly into like these organic shape sketches & she does a whole series of these cool egon schiele type bodies & lexa gets one of those on her right ribs in like february 

- now she’s on a roll lol so clarke does a lot of rly cool sketches of stuff like flowers & trees & so goes through a rly great animal phase so lexa gets some of those in watercolor 

- basically she has like some tattoos that are purely bc clarke was bored & lexa was a varying degree of naked so clarke just draws little things on lexa’s ribs & then like two days later lol lexa has it as a tattoo like lexa sTOP THE SPACE IS RUNNING OUT so lexa has some cool geometric doodles too & the meaning of all of these is bc she likes them & she loves clarke & she rly just loves tattoos & honestly she gets a few of them when she’s on pain meds for smth health-related her self control goes way down but they’re hidden so it’s not rly a thing clarke likes them too so that’s all lexa rly cares abt

- beginning of junior year though lexa’s kinda like fuck it i have like 8 tattoos nO ONE KNOWS HOW COOL I AM? so she gets a rly cool stylized geometric anatomically correct heart on her right upper arm it’s still basically covered by t-shirts if she doesn’t roll the sleeves up but it’s rly easy to show if she wants to she loves it a ton & i mean it’s a heart that meaning is self explanatory 

- one day clarke is super stressed & she’s in boston for the weekend & she’s like lexa let me paint on your back bc honestly it’s one of clarke’s favorite things to do it’s just rly relaxing usually lexa falls asleep & so she paints this gorgeous watercolor of this little clearing at a bend in the river in the forest near DC it’s lexa’s favorite place in the whole world & she takes a picture of her back & shows lexa & lexa’s like wow that’s beautiful send it to me so clarke does & doesn’t rly think anything of it bc it’s LITERALLY LEXA’S WHOLE BACK basically but the next time she sees lexa she has the entire thing outlined like all of the black ink work is done it’s her WHOLE BACK clarke is v flattered. this is junior year in the spring so right before they take a break. so lexa has three more sessions to finish all of the color & shading (which are a BITCH halfway through session three her artist is doing some shading of fucking WATER it’s right on lexa’s SPINE it’s so painful lexa has a moment of lowkey regret bc she has like a ridiculously high pain tolerance but fuck this shit) but yeah so in the two months they’re not together she finishes this gigantic back piece which is so beautiful & when she sees clarke again she ends up showing it to clarke & it’s just like a huge amount of sexual tension bc lexa is not Not going to kiss clarke the first night she sees her again but they’re in new york & in lexa’s hotel room & clarke is tRACING HER WHOLE BACK that entire night is a situation so much ust but anyway. lexa got that tattoo in summary bc it’s pretty & she wanted it

- which is basically why lexa gets most of them they’re not super meaningful mostly she just loves them

- she finishes up her half sleeve the summer before senior year when she’s in istanbul she gets just some rly cool patterns around the heart on her shoulder

- her parents don’t know abt ANY of them until summer after senior year bc lexa just has clothes on around them (obviously) but abby & clarke have them over for a like ‘yay graduation also yay lexa is going to georgetown law clarke is going to hopkins for med school so they’re back in dc yay!!’  little pool party & lexa just unthinkingly takes her shirt off to go swimming like she forgot she has like 12 tattoos five of which she got on pain med influenced whims & clarke just starts laughing like. lexa’s entire back. her parents aren’t mad they’re just like LEXA it’s literally the only time clarke ever hears lexa’s dad say her entire name they’re so surprised & like lowkey proud they’re always worried lexa doesn’t have enough fun lol

- she stops bc she kinda gets bored w it? but also like political career her sleeve is already a little iffy so yeah

- but she has a lot it’s fun clarke adores them

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I could imagine maybe their tattoo parlors all have one book with a few simple tattoos in it that people can choose from and each tattoo has to be in a specific spot. Like, if somebody wanted the bird tattoo they could only have it on their wrist.

Hmm, that’s interesting. It makes sense, because BL/ind probably wouldn’t want people getting tattoos in crazy places, like their foreheads or something.

I just saw Jared’s photo of him as the Joker and if that’s fucking legit, then this director is already fucking up and I don’t want him going near Harley. Tattoos all over the place? A fucking tear drop under his eye? What the fuck is this? Cry-Baby: The Revival?! DO. NOT. FUCK. UP. MY. FUCKING. PEOPLE. AFTER. THE. FANBASE. LITERALLY. GAVE. YOU. A. TEMPLATE. TO. WORK. WITH.



Molly, you’re screwed up.