Tattoo Prep
  1. Eat a meal beforehand.
  2. Drink a lot of water.
  3. Avoid alcohol the day before & the day of.
  4. Don’t take any painkillers or illicit drugs. (Blood Thinners = More Blood = More Difficult Tattoo)
  5. Pack snacks, a drink, phone charger, reading material, headphones and cash to tip your artists
  6. WEAR DEODORANT (but also don’t drown yourself with Cologne or Perfumes) 
  7. Dress Comfortably. (wear dark colors to avoid noticeable Ink/Blood stains)
  8. Stretch Beforehand. (you’ll be sitting in the same position for awhile)
  9. Stay Calm. (breathing exercises, listening to music, talking to you artist. Whatever helps you get into a Zen State)
  10. Give yourself plenty of time. (set aside an afternoon or even an evening. You don’t want to rush)