Tatiana Maslany plays 10+ characters - each with specific vocal registers, accents, body movements, and rhythms. She has spoken English, German, French, and Ukrainian. She played four characters in a six character scene. She utilized music to create individual heartbeats and internal rhythms for her characters. She understands what they love and what they fear. I am in awe. I will always be in awe.


 Lesbian Film Coming Soon This Year

1.Based on a True Story (x


3. Thelmax

4. Carmilla: The Moviex

5. Siebzehn - Seventeenx

6.A Million Happy Nowsx

7. Apart from Everything(x

8. Women Who Kill(x


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“There’s something really cool that came out of [Orphan Black], which is this Clone Club community that impacted the way we’ve told these stories and our awareness of how fiction can effect change. It’s a community that embraces its differences and embraces people for who they are and is really supportive. There’s no infighting in that fan club and no discrimination. It’s just beautiful.” (x)