Tatara Totsuka


I made some Wallpapers from the Anime ‘K’ so here is the resolution is specifically for Samsung Galaxy S6 but it fits every screen! 8D 
I hope you like it!

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K Project 15 Day Challenge - Day 11 - Something You Wish You Knew More About

Tatara’s time in HOMRA

Your K Project Cuddle Buddy~

Aries:Tatara Totsuka

Taurus,Virgo:Misaki Yata

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Gemini,Aquarius:Mikoto Suoh

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Cancer,Capricorn:Saruhiko Fushimi

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Leo:Reisi Munakata

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Libra:Izumo Kusanagi

Scorpio,Pisces:Kuroh Yatogami

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Sagittarius:Yashiro Isana

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