Tatara Totsuka


K Project 15 Day Challenge - Day 11 - Something You Wish You Knew More About

Tatara’s time in HOMRA

Your K Project Cuddle Buddy~

Aries:Tatara Totsuka

Taurus,Virgo:Misaki Yata

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Gemini,Aquarius:Mikoto Suoh

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Cancer,Capricorn:Saruhiko Fushimi

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Leo:Reisi Munakata

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Libra:Izumo Kusanagi

Scorpio,Pisces:Kuroh Yatogami

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Sagittarius:Yashiro Isana

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K, why do i do this to myself?

So I get over-emotionally invested in characters. I need to just stop myself cause it is hurting my heart so much! CONCEAL DON’T FEEL DOES NOT APPLY HERE!

I just watched episode 6 and we’re introduced to this character and I really like this character! And he’s really interesting! And I want to adopt him! 

And then the show is like “gosh, he really sucks at skate boarding” which makes his character completely relatable. And THEN HE FREAKING PLAYS GUITAR AND SINGS! 

And then we get a big reveal about his character. He was the one who was killed by Shiro. 

Maybe it’s just a flesh would and he does not really die? Maybe this time, it will work out differently????

I’ve only known you for this episode but…