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got tagged by @bthump so let’s do this :)

Name: Lutari

Nickname: Lulu by my friends Tata is what my mom calls me so 

Sign: Aries

Height: 5′2

Nationality: USA

Orientation: Bi and i love both but i mostly have a preference for men

Favorite fruit: mostly all of them but i love oranges and pears and plums

favorite season: winter

favorite flower:Buttercup

Favorite scent: idk

Favorite book: Gangsta Divas by De’nesha diamond i love the entire series tbh

Favorite color:black

favorite animals:rabbits especially big fluffy ones :)

coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate

average hours of sleep: 5 if i stay up but i really get like 9 or 10 lol

cats or dogs: both

number of blankets you sleep with: 2 one thin and one thick quilt

dream trip: Japan i really want to see it at least once

blog created:well i had a blog but took it down in 2014 so this blog is uhhh 3 years old?

Number of followers:550

i aint tagging that many people so whatevas

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 Rock Band Icons

Agência de design de Madrid chamada Tata&Friends mostra seu trabalho de iconografia através de um projeto interessante, cartazes minimalistas que representam literalmente os nomes das bandas, através de ícones.

Rock Band Icons 

Design agency called Madrid Tata & Friends show their work iconography across an interesting minimalist design, posters that literally represent the names of the bands, using icons.