High/Middle School Tennis Course


must have basic knowledge of the following:

  1. Dragonball
  2. Naruto 
  3. Bleach
  4. Magical Girl Transformation
  5. Spanish Inquisition Torture Devices 
  6. Physics
  7. Quantum Physics
  8. Relativity
  9. Chemistry
  10. Rocket Science
  11. Probability and Statistics
  12. Nutrition 
  13. Human Anatomy
  14. Psychology
  15. Shipbuilding
  16. Veterinary Science
  17. Biology
  18. Cosmetics
  19. Drama and Theatrics
  20. Hypnosis
  21. Japanese History and Literature
  22. Anthropology
  23. Archaeology
  24. Exorcism
  25. Alchemy
  26. Law

For extra credit

  • Know some other kind of sport or martial art as study aid for this course.


  1. Actual Tennis Knowledge

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