using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer the following questions:

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Band/artist: ball park music
What is your gender? teenager pie

Describe yourself? great display of patience

How do you feel? sad rude future dude
Describe where you live? struggle street

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? she only loves me when i’m there

Favourite mode of transportation? walk right out

Your best friend? the ghost i saw when i was dreaming

Favourite time of day? black skies
If your life was a show, what would it be called? rich people are stupid

What is life to you? next life already

Relationship status? everything is shit except my friendship with you

Your fear: girls from high school

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Okay, I usually take my own pictures of home-cooked foods, but yesterday K made us vegan Moroccan Stew and it was just too awkward to take photos. Not going to lie, it definitely crossed my mind to snap one with the handy-dandy iPhone not 5. Bloggers are crazy people. I’m actually really self conscious about taking pictures of my food when other people are watching…That’s why we should have a meet-up: short run and then go eat healthy foods and take pictures together! (San Francisco fitblr meet-up is sounding pretty good once the rainy season ends…) 

Anywaysss…so the chef thought it wasn’t salty enough, but I like subtly flavored and soupy foods (yay volumetrics eating!). He also thought it was too starchy, but  us whole-foods plant-based eaters like our root vegetables and legumes! The recipe and directions are found here Taste of Home. K added vegetable bouillon to the water, and we ate it with bread and avocado slices…and some lemon ginger tea. My roommate, Jo, also makes a mean Moroccan Stew. I think she uses vegetable broth or chicken broth for more flavor. I love this recipe because it’s an entirely nutritious meal in a bowl! Lots of vegetables, protein, and fiberful carbohydrates. Next time, I’ll add kale to the mix!

So does anyone live in San Francisco?! 


P.S. If you find typos, easy-edits, feel-free to let me know. Most of the time, I type and blog in a fury. 

I bought this cookbook today, and I cannot wait to use it. I have been watching the crap out of cooking shows like Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, therefore I am trying to contain my budding passion for cooking since we don’t have our own kitchen yet. Until then, I will go through this cookbook for hours on end and pray for endless finances, so I can have my own, dream kitchen and become the domestic goddess I long to be. 

Does anyone want to have me over to cook you a feast?

Taste of Home || Jack & Zeba

Zeba’s fingers itched at her palms as she made her way up to the second level of the bus. After a bit of searching around the kitchen, she’d found most of what she needed… but not everything. Jack was her only hope. 

It might be impractical for her to try to cook such a personal dish here, underground, at the ’end of the world’ but practicality be damned. 

Plus she’d promised him that she would.

“Jack?” she called out in a loud whisper, as she stepped onto the upper level. “Riley said she’d thought I’d find you here.”

This. Is. Huge.

Y'all!  Alamo Drafthouse, one of THE greatest things to ever be invented in my hometown of Austin, is opening a theater in DENVER!!!!  (Well, Littleton…)

If you don’t know, Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theater that also sells food (good food) and beer (GOOD beer) during the show.  Not only that but they also have great theme nights too.  For example, they do “Mystery Science Theater” type nights where they play cult classics (like Britney Spears’ Crossroads) and have comedians mock it throughout.  Or they do SING-A-LONGS to things like Grease or 80s hits or 90s hits!  Or Quote-a-longs to things like the Goonies!  

This is BIG, guys!  This is very big.

Check out the article: http://www.firstshowing.net/2011/alamo-drafthouse-is-opening-a-theater-located-in-littleton-colorado/

There was a long time in which Bucky Barnes was NOT allowed to like anything.

Actually, he wasn’t given much in the way of choice to begin with, to say nothing about an actual name.  Assets do not get choices; they only have their orders.  Assets have no names; they are merely tools for HYDRA.

So, these days, Bucky Barnes revels in being able to LIKE things again.  And he’s gotten his name back too - which he initially thought wouldn’t fit him ever again.

(But when Steve says his name, warm and affectionate and tasting of home, he knows that it suits him just fine.)

Bucky likes the way his hair looks now, still a bit on the long side, but washed and healthy and shiny.  He likes putting it up in a bun and sticks his tongue out at Clint when the latter makes cracks about “man buns.”

Bucky likes chocolate milkshakes and his first coffee of the day needs to be black as sin.  But the second cup will have a little milk in it and two and a half teaspoons of sugar and it goes well with whatever breakfast they’re going to have for the day.

Bucky’s learned to fry up the rice from the night before, with a little salt and garlic and make it part of breakfast.  It’s a trick he’s learned from the Filipino grandma living next door.  Super soldiers need huge breakfasts anyway.

Bucky likes mocha frappucinos and double chocolate fudge bars and the chocolate chunk cookies that Sam Wilson bakes.

Bucky likes his new camera and the interesting pictures he takes, which are slowly taking over the bloody pictures in his mind.

Bucky likes sleeping in late,  snuggled against a certain other super soldier and sometimes his hand just casually cradles said other super soldier’s ass because he likes the way it makes Steve arch and purr contentedly against him.

Bucky likes getting caught up on all the good books and comics he’s missed out on.

He still hasn’t forgiven Marvel for turning him into Captain America’s teenage sidekick though.

Bucky likes Dum-E who is, in Tony’s words, “AN UNGRATEFUL TRAITOR” because Dum-E aids and abets him in the ongoing Stark-Barnes Civil Prank War.

Bucky likes tinkering with old cars and there’s this old junker that he and Steve are going to restore.  Clint jokingly calls it “Christine.”

He and Steve understand that reference. 

Bucky likes taking pictures of Steve’s ass.  In fact, he’s rather fond of that specific body part in general.

“UNDERSTATEMENT!” howl several of his teammates and he just smiles wickedly at them all.

But then, there’s Steve. 

Bucky likes the fact that he can call Steve all the pet names he’s always wanted to use openly, that most people these days wouldn’t look twice at a fella calling another fella his sweetheart.

(There will always be the assholes who think otherwise, but then Bucky is still the Winter Soldier and if he can now strike terror into the hearts of those who TRULY deserve it, out of his own free will, then he will do so.  Fuck you very much, HYDRA.)

He likes the fact that Steve falls for the infamous “sugar” line every damn time and keeps Bucky well stocked up on kisses.  

 He likes the fact that all he really needs to do to make Steve blush is to tell him how much he’s loved. 

And most of all, he likes the fact that he can look forward to the fact that the last thing he’ll see before he goes to sleep will be Steve’s face and it will be the first thing he’ll see come morning.

Bucky Barnes likes a lot of things now.  But most of all, he loves Steve Rogers.

—  Things That Bucky Barnes Likes, A Blanket Fort Headcanon
A Thyme Tequila [Lemon-Thyme Tequila Spritzer for Taste of Home]

Oh man! It’s Friday! 

You know what that means, right? Time to roll up your sleeves, crush up some ice, and end your busy week with something icy cold and brightly flavoured!

Taste of Home asked if I might be interested in submitting a cocktail recipe for their “Cocktail Friday” feature on the blog. Clearly, we have yet to become too acquainted or they would have know that I would jump at the mere mention of the word cocktail. I am a lady who believes a day is not complete without indulging in a beverage of the alcoholic varaiety. Yes, I have ousted myself as a lush, but I’m sure this isn’t news to you. Avert your judging eyes! 

I spent yesterday working on a Lemon-Thyme Tequila Spritzer that is as refreshing as it is soothing. Bright and citrus-packed with an herbal punch of flavour that first hits your nose and then delicately tickles your taste-buds. 

Follow the link for the recipe and you’ll be thanking me come 6pm tonight when you’re happily sipping on the perfect summer libation! 

[ps: bonus points to anyone who gets where I was going with the title of this post. I bet you clever chickadees got it right away!]