This. Is. Huge.

Y'all!  Alamo Drafthouse, one of THE greatest things to ever be invented in my hometown of Austin, is opening a theater in DENVER!!!!  (Well, Littleton…)

If you don’t know, Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theater that also sells food (good food) and beer (GOOD beer) during the show.  Not only that but they also have great theme nights too.  For example, they do “Mystery Science Theater” type nights where they play cult classics (like Britney Spears’ Crossroads) and have comedians mock it throughout.  Or they do SING-A-LONGS to things like Grease or 80s hits or 90s hits!  Or Quote-a-longs to things like the Goonies!  

This is BIG, guys!  This is very big.

Check out the article: http://www.firstshowing.net/2011/alamo-drafthouse-is-opening-a-theater-located-in-littleton-colorado/

Okay, I usually take my own pictures of home-cooked foods, but yesterday K made us vegan Moroccan Stew and it was just too awkward to take photos. Not going to lie, it definitely crossed my mind to snap one with the handy-dandy iPhone not 5. Bloggers are crazy people. I’m actually really self conscious about taking pictures of my food when other people are watching…That’s why we should have a meet-up: short run and then go eat healthy foods and take pictures together! (San Francisco fitblr meet-up is sounding pretty good once the rainy season ends…) 

Anywaysss…so the chef thought it wasn’t salty enough, but I like subtly flavored and soupy foods (yay volumetrics eating!). He also thought it was too starchy, but  us whole-foods plant-based eaters like our root vegetables and legumes! The recipe and directions are found here Taste of Home. K added vegetable bouillon to the water, and we ate it with bread and avocado slices…and some lemon ginger tea. My roommate, Jo, also makes a mean Moroccan Stew. I think she uses vegetable broth or chicken broth for more flavor. I love this recipe because it’s an entirely nutritious meal in a bowl! Lots of vegetables, protein, and fiberful carbohydrates. Next time, I’ll add kale to the mix!

So does anyone live in San Francisco?! 


P.S. If you find typos, easy-edits, feel-free to let me know. Most of the time, I type and blog in a fury. 

I bought this cookbook today, and I cannot wait to use it. I have been watching the crap out of cooking shows like Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, therefore I am trying to contain my budding passion for cooking since we don’t have our own kitchen yet. Until then, I will go through this cookbook for hours on end and pray for endless finances, so I can have my own, dream kitchen and become the domestic goddess I long to be. 

Does anyone want to have me over to cook you a feast?

Taste of Home || Jack & Zeba

Zeba’s fingers itched at her palms as she made her way up to the second level of the bus. After a bit of searching around the kitchen, she’d found most of what she needed… but not everything. Jack was her only hope. 

It might be impractical for her to try to cook such a personal dish here, underground, at the ’end of the world’ but practicality be damned. 

Plus she’d promised him that she would.

“Jack?” she called out in a loud whisper, as she stepped onto the upper level. “Riley said she’d thought I’d find you here.”

There are films that nail you to your seat and overwhelm you, to the point that you forget everything, but you feel cheated later. These are the films that take you hostage. I prefer films that put their audience to sleep. Some films have made me doze off, but the same films have made me stay up at night. I wake up thinking about them and keep on thinking about them for weeks. Those are the kinds of films I like.