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For the excessively detailed headcanon meme: Natasha. 8, 19, 22.

ok I know you sent this weeks ago, but I’m still gonna answer.

8. Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging

Somehow I don’t think she’d have a lot of guilt around indulging herself, but she doesn’t do it much. As far as food stuff, she likes the basic ice cream and pastries, but usually she only has like half a tub of ice cream in her house and she doesn’t bake, so she only gets those when a friend brings her some or she goes out to a bakery or something. 

But honestly I think her favorite indulgence is physical contact for its own sake. Long, warm hugs, resting against a friend when they watch a movie together, even just having someone sit real close to her with their shoulders touching. In her life, physical contact has all had to have a purpose- seducing a target, gaining their trust, or fighting- so being able to casually be close to people she wants to be close to is something she loves. Again though, years and years of that being something she wasn’t allowed means that it’s rare that she lets it happen. Only when she’s very relaxed or just needs it a lot. 

19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night?


I think it’s probably a very rare thing when her quiet, 12 AM thoughts are pleasant. She has a lot of guilt and regret. I would say she’d trained herself to not think about it… but I don’t think she would. She’d make herself remember even though it’s causing her pain, because she deserves it, right? She can’t go back and fix all the things she’s done, she’s not even going to be punished for them, so the least she can do is punish herself, if only a little. Not letting herself forget is the least she can do.

Ok but on a brighter note sometimes after a good mission those thoughts go away bc she feels like she’s made up for it a little bit. 

22. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

Can Nat draw? Probably. I don’t think it’s a hobby or anything, but she’s decent at it. Tbh though she would probably just draw whatever she could see, nothing from her mind. Not anyone she knows. Maybe her cat, or the people sitting at the café she can see out her window. 

  • everyone:you know what would be such a great idea uwu?? story where you see black and white until you meet your soul mate and then u can see in color and everything is perfect, your life is found!!
  • everyone:or how about you are half of a shape until you meet the love of your life and they complete you and now you can be happy!!
  • every movie:person is sad, but now, romantic love,
  • so many people:wow, i'm so glad i've found romantic love; i feel so sorry for everyone who hasn't found it /yet/!
  • so many people:sometimes i hate crushes but my life would be so boring and devoid of anything important without them!
  • so many people:see, true love is like friendship, but better,
  • everyone:we're /just/ friends
  • me:so i'm aromanti-
  • everyone:you'll find love someday, don't u worry,
  • me:constant aro screaming

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how do u know Tasha ???? This is so funny give the fans the scoop

she literally was in some cartoon fandom i was in and like constantly made hate blogs attacking me and my friends because we had more followers than she did?? she would be like “i hate the populars, i’m an edgy anti-popular” and really bizarre stuff like that and we thought she was just really weird at first but she began to get like obsessive it was so scary 

and she like has always been so racist and transphobic and just such a rude white girl, i remember one time she like got really mad at us and started trying to get anti sjw blogs against us, she’d @ them and be like “fucking slay these bitches, hunty!!!!!!” and she even created a fake account named stacey and bullied her and we all felt really bad for this girl but it turns out tasha just used it to collect information on us to get to know us better

tashalovesnirvana is this not true though?