Sailor Moon Biker Gang, based off Babs Tarr Illustration
In the name of the moon we will punish you!

Saturn: Robotto Shoujo
Pluto: Sperren Cosplay
Neptune: Meg
Uranus: Gillykins
Mini Moon: Gina G. and Red Ribbon Cosplay
Sailor Moon: Olivia’s Atelier and Cosplay
Mercury: Honeysaliva
Jupiter: Undead Pixels
Mars: No Tomorrow Girls
Venus: “Hacksaw” Jenny

Photo By: Ray Lum COStography

Tattoo Designs by: Alexsaurus Illustration & Gina


Finally getting to do that “all the Zodiac Starforce covers in one place” post I said I was gonna do!

So gloriously pink and fun and exciting!

Issue #1 Big Planet Comics variant by Paulina Ganucheau, regular cover by Marguerite Sauvage, and the Books-A-Million variant by Noelle Stevenson.

Issue #2 cover by Kevin Wada.

Issue #3 by Jacob Wyatt.

Issue #4 by Babs Tarr.


Bosozoku Sailor Scouts! By Babs Tarr

Cosplayed By:

Carlo as Tuxedo Mask

MJ as Venus

Gemma as Mercury

Lua Suicide as Moon

Lady Lavish as Jupiter

Joyce as Mars

Sheena as Chibi Usa

Photo By: Adventmonk 

( These are just the 2 out of a billion, I have finished for tonight.  I just couldnt wait to at least have some out in the world. )