Target shoes

This dress was an early birthday present from my mom, delivered late Wednesday night! Perfect for a day of PBL presentations in 85 degree heat (that’s almost 30 C).

Dress: J. Crew (spring 2015)
Navy blazer: H&M (fall 2014)
Belt: Old Navy (fall 2013)
Shoes: Target (I forget, maybe spring 2014?)

Here are a few purchases from the weekend! The cheetah print flats are from target! I already had a pair, but they are too small, and cheetah print flats are a must in my wardrobe (; The peachy shirt is from Marshalls its reallyyy pretty this picture doesnt show anything, theres gold accents around the buttons and the back is really pretty, im excited to dress it up and wear it (: In the next picture thats going to be uploaded is my hurley shirt I got from marshalls, it was really cheap and i love those kinda of shirts just to wear to school on days im tired or dont want to wear something nice. &  the last picture thats going to be uploaded is my washed out jean crop vest from marshalls as well! I love marshalls because when I feel like i have no shirts or anything to wear, i can just go to my local marshalls and get a shirt or two to hold me over untill i have money to go shopping or get to the mall! But anyway I LOVE this vest, Its really fitted and goes to about my belly button, I cant wait to wear it to the beach I would say over spring break but I cant really go to the beach now if I wanted, floridas weather is no where near cold! I am in love with this vest though, favorite top i bought!