Target shoes

If you ever want a conversation starter, ask your friends to consider the logistics of the ghost economy. Why, you say? Well, friend, consider:

  • ghosts generally cannot interact with the corporeal world
  • ghosts generally wear clothes and carry the items they died with
  • therefore, the only source of goods in the ghost world is whatever people died with

Some potential implications:

  • what is the probability that ghost society could build, say, a house? how many ghosts on average would this require? what new innovations of ghost engineering allow them to refit ballpoint pens and spare change into all manner of luxury items?
  • if ghosts can scare or lure people to their deaths, they would have a strong incentive to do so while the person is carrying something they want. holding a slice of cheesecake? you’re a target. wearing a nice pair of shoes? target. carrying an ipod with decent musical taste? there are at least 50 ghosts plotting against you right now.
  • ghost science has access to a wealth of observational data not available to the living (e.g. they can just walk into the heart of a volcano), but if they want, say, a microscope, they’re probably shit outta luck. social science is not exempt– sure, you can interview someone who actually lived in ancient mesopotamia, but you’ll have to hoard paper to even write it down, much less publish. ghost scientists are frustrated.
  • without physical needs, the entirety of ghost society runs on a boredom economy. houses where the living inhabitants regularly watch tv with the speakers on are a key commodity. if you die with a deck of cards or a musical instrument, you are a very valuable person.
  • tips for the living: always carry your favorite items in your pocket, and at all costs avoid dying naked.

COAT: Forever21 TOP: Forever21 SKIRT: Target TIGHTS: H&M SHOES: Payless

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been working a lot, trying to save up money 😓. There hasn’t been time to do pictures…or really anything. Not to mention, my parents still haven’t sent me my old clothes yet so I’m pretty limited on what I can make do with. I rather just wait to post good things than to post a bunch of mediocre things (but I suppose there will be a lot of casual outfits until my clothes come). I’ve sketched up lots of coords! This outfit isn’t the kind of thing I’d preferably post on here but it’s still pretty cute! It was really windy and chilly out actually. 

Here’s welcoming September with open arms!

This dress reminds me of fine china and old engravings. I love the color and print, and it’s probably the most comfortable and easy dress I own. I can’t believe I’ve stayed away from white dresses for so long!

Dress: Asos Curve, Belt and flower: Forever21, Necklace: Thrifted, Shoes: Target