Tareinco  neck neat freak pouch .

Here’s a set of pics showing the sorts of gear that can fit in the main zippered part of the Tareinco neat freak leaving the x2 other Velcro’d compartments free .

Its generous enough to be able to swallow a range of EDC or more mission specific gear from rite in the rain notebook, leatherman charge TTI and bit kit ,various sized survival tubes , basic medic kit or as a point and shoot camera pouch .

Full specs here direct from Tareinco http://www.tareinco.com/tareinco-neck-neat-freak-pouch

We received a sample of these Micro Keychain Sheaths from TAREINCO. They were originally designed to hold mini chemlights, but we found that they’re the perfect size for our E&E tools. #tareinco #edc #everydaycarry


Tareinco micro zippered pouch .

Perfect for carrying all those small EDC essentials or credit cards / cash as a small wallet in a pocket or by using a small MALICE clip on the rear to attach to a belt or any Molle platform 

The pictures slow a variety of well known EDC , SERE and E&E type kit that will easily fit in this great little zippered pouch and kept handy for when its needed .

 Full specs and more info here http://www.tareinco.com/tareinco-micro-zippered-pouch

This is awesome. Control your cords! Repost from @tareinco via @igrepost_app, it’s free! Use the @igrepost_app to save, repost Instagram pics and videos, The TAREINCO Hook-R Charger Wallet is primarily designed to attach to loop-lined walls in bags and packs. We have provided a caribiner attachment point onto the closing webbing strap to allow user to clip the wallet into a caribiner that may be set up inside a pack. This will allow the wallet to be opened while remainging clipped in to caribiner.

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Light weight morning run kit.

Tareinco Micro Pouch & GoTube on a simple shock cord “belt”. The GoTube easily tucks inside my athletic shorts outta the way, and clip the Spyderco Dragonfly2 Salt to my pocket.

Only thing not shown that comes with, is a key on paracord that goes around my neck (need to grab a quick detach coupling), my phone and the dog.

Huge amount of capability in a light weight, unobtrusive, concealable rig.

Hit up Vigilant Gear for a lot of this if you’re in the US.


Tareinco SOB pouch .

This mid size zippered pouch will be seeing a lot of use from me and whilst it will work great as a wallet or belt pouch for EDC items it will also hold a wide range of mid sized kit .

The high quality fabric construction and sewing is top draw stuff and is generous enough inside to take everything that you see in each picture  from single CR123 compact flashlight and a spare batt or full size multi-tool , key chain EDC gadgets or a mini FAK or E&E type kit .

 for full specs/ info http://www.tareinco.com/tareinco-sob-pouch-all-colors

@tareinco for the win. from @tareinco via @igrepost_app, it’s free! Use the @igrepost_app to save, repost Instagram pics and videos, @victory1st putting in work on this LWRC. Notice the Tape Switch Holder being used not only to retain tape switch but also to manage cable to reduce snag points. Right on!

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Happy Thursday, guys! I’ve got some things I haven’t posted before in this shot. My black @kochtools Solo from @marcbyler came in today (Thanks Marc!) The lanyard I made for the Solo has one of my black 9mm casings that @9linetactical coated for me. I really like how these turned out. #knifethursday #ak47 #762x39 #tareinco #ztknives #zt0350 #zt0620 #zt0300 #kochtools #kochsolo #jbstoutknives #brodawg #primerprojects #scoundrelmc #pelican1300 #ktdogtags #coppertag #9linetactical #knivesofig #knivesdaily #knivesandguns #knifefanatics #everydaycarry #everydaygear #everydaytactical


Tareinco first order. please note pictures are from Tareinco.

 As I’ve a birthday coming up next week I wanted to treat myself to some new kit so put my first order in from Tareinco .

I first came across their products on Tumblr and wanted to order some of their unique products via another online US seller as needed some other kit too but unfortunately that retailer refuses to ship outside the States so went to Tareinco direct .


 I’m realy looking forward to getting my hands on these items and will review as and when they arrive.

by @multitaskertools “Our #magnetic 1/4” bit holder gives the Series3 #Multitasker more versatility than a general purpose #multitool, making it as handy around the house as it is on the range. Photo by @tareinco “My @multitaskertools Series 3 came to the rescue for an old TTS Light Old Timer #tattoo machine. #TeamTasker #tareinco #multitaskertools #multitool #technicaltattoosupply #tattoomachine #inkedup #rebuilt #tattoos” via @PhotoRepost_app