Name: The Tarasque

Type: Mythical

Region: France

Description: Chimerical with a lion’s head, six bear paws, a shelled body, and a serpent/scorpion tail.

Myth: The Tarasque was a river dragon which terrorized France, attacking villages and devouring livestock and people. Knights had tried to kill the dragon but had failed. Saint Martha however happened upon the beast and was able to tame it with singing and hymns, at which point she led the dragon to the town. The townsfolk killed the tamed dragon and, remorseful, converted to Christianity.


  • The Tarasque was said to be the offspring of the Leviathan, the Biblical sea serpent, and the Onachus, a scaled bison-like creature which burned all it touched.
  • The Tarasque is featured on the coat of arms of Tarascon. A festival is held every year to tell the story of the Tarasque.
  • The Tarrasque from D&D, while named for the dragon, bares little resemblance to they mythic Tarasque.

The Tarasque is a strange dragon-type creature that was often reported in France. In its legends it was described as having 6 legs, a fearsome lion face, a spike covered turtle shell and a club-like tail that ended in a scorpion’s stinger. The biblical story of Saint Martha features the Tarasque. The creature ravaged towns and killed people, but Saint Martha found it and tamed it using hymns and prayers. She brought the beast to a local town where the townspeople killed it. Feeling sorry for killing the newly tamed monster, the village changed its name to Tarascon which features the creature on its coat of arms. 

Daily Monster 3: Tarasque

Region of origin: Provence, France

A chimeric dragon that terrorized the local peasantry, the Tarasque was unable to be felled by attacking knights and soldiers but eventually was calmed by Saint Martha and her recitation of the word of God. Martha, attempting to show off her now-reformed Tarasque, brought him to the town where he got ganked by a bunch of scared villagers. Whoops.


My old-ass dragon characters from childhood : Part 3

(part 1, part 2)

-Poor Draco was nothing special for a dragon. While a giant toxic serpent is intimidating to us, being a poison puking noodle in a dragon’s world is like being a professional bowler amongst Olympic athletes. Even his name Draco is the draconic equivalent of being named “Bob” or “John Smith”, making him the least remarkable drake around. Years of inadequacy and neglect really took a toll on the fella, and has turned him into what we humans call “a douchebag”.While his putrid spit might be deadly, the truly toxic thing that comes out of his mouth is his words. He just loves to find sensitive folk to verbally harass and make into self loathing wrecks. Draco just cant stand that other people arnt as miserable and spiteful as he is, ya see.

-Chips and Jed (who are based of a couple of dragons in French folklore) take their inadequacy with stride. They spend their days covered in filth, eating “food” from landfills, and hitting on any lady that comes near their huge pile of garbage that they call a “lair”. While most dragons fear or look down upon lowly humans, these losers are quite fond of us. Maybe a little too fond since they too often wander into human settlements looking for some ladies, which ends up getting them chased out of town by mobs. That’s sort of behavior will likely end up getting them slayed after all…

I also imagine Jed sounding like shaggy from scooby doo which says something about these two.

  • Dragons that are engulfed in flames as they fly, looking like meteors in the night sky.
  • Dragons that don’t have wings but are covered in poisonous spikes, so scary God flooded the world to kill them.
  • Dragons with two legs, wings, and a poisonous barbed tail.
  • Dragons with four legs and wings, sleeping atop a hoard of gold.
  • Lithe, antlered dragons that act as lords of the ocean, bringing rain to those who need it.
  • Dragons with turtle shells and stegosaurus tails (thagomizers)
  • Serpentine dragons with nothing but forelimbs, with acid for blood and poisonous teeth.

Ruler (Saint Martha Swimsuit Edition)

The sister of Lazarus has also come out the enjoy the cool waters of the beach during the summer holidays. Because she does not have her staff in this form, she simply punches everything to death with her bare hands. It is unknown how she became a Ruler class though, with many assuming it is due to her sainthood.

She is still followed loyally by the beast of Tarasque that she throws at her enemies to crush them as if it were a road roller.

Rider (Saint Martha)

Sister of Lazarus, Martha lived a simple life in Bethany until one day, her brother invited home the son of a carpenter from Galilee. The three, along with Martha and Lazarus’s other sister Mary, would sit down together for dinner and soon became close friends.

Lazarus would eventually fall deathly ill and the sisters sent word to the son of the carpenter who would arrive to find Lazarus already dead and buried. Against Martha’s wish he entered the tomb and muttered a prayer. Through the miracle of God, Lazarus stepped out from the tomb, healthy and alive.

When the carpenter’s son was crucified, Martha and her siblings would leave Jerusalem and went to France stopping by Tarascon where the dragon Tarasque was terrorizing the local population. Holding a cross in hand, Martha sprinkled the beast with holy water. She would take her sash and lead the tamed beast through the village.

After her death, she would be venerated as a Saint, with her feast day falling on either July 29th or June 4th.


Dragon’s Dogma Online Season 2.2 - new creatures

1-2 - Tarasque

- a huge dragonkin beast whose wings have hardened into a shell. Highly intelligent and capable of casting magickal debilitations; the earth itself shakes when this large creature begins to move.

3-4 - Wisened Tarasque 

- an elite Tarasque with even stronger magickal powers than the standard Tarasque; uses ice and lightning magicks. Its physical attacks are dangerous enough to begin with, and its magickal attacks are more deadly and difficult to evade.

The Tarasque cannot be destroyed by mere human strength or weapons. The people in Nerluc have suffered many years until Martha, the girl with a quiet disposition and a Christian, comes to spread the words of God to the pagan people. She listens to the stories of the Tarasque and sets out, bear-footed, to search the dragon. When she finds the dragon, she uses two sticks as a cross and that stops the dragon as if it is pierced by a sword. She sprinkles holy water on the dragon and that quenches all the fire in him. She uses his sharp tooth to cut off her braids and using the braids as a bridle, leads him back in town, tame as a lamb. The townspeople kills the Tarasque with a shower of stones and Martha weeps for the creature but forgives the people’s action because she understands their long-time suffering.