Shikamaru thinks of proposing to Temari
  • Temari:C'mon Shikamaru do it already......
  • Shikamaru:Whatever....do I have to?
  • Temari:Yeah.
  • Shikamaru:Alright...
  • Temari:I mean, I'm not gonna say "yes" unless you do it.
  • Shikamaru:I don't think you're gonna say "yes" anyway, you'll just do it to humiliate me.
  • Temari:Well, okay. Let me see how good you do it.
  • Shikamaru:Alright like IF I was gonna get married and IF I'm gonna propose to somebody which I may or may not depending on your answer...
  • Temari:Yeah...
  • Shikamaru:Um....would you maybe, kinda wanna, like possibly-
  • Temari:[jokes] I'm gonna kick your ass.
  • Shikamaru:[jokes] Maybe we don't need to get married.
  • Both:*laughs*
  • Shikamaru:Proposing is such a drag...
  • Temari:Yeah....but I'll marry you, sure, whatever.
  • Shikamaru:I can't believe you would say "yes" to that!
Pod #218

Down in Moonshine Holler, “The Hobo Princess”

Recorded April 11, 2015, at Largo at the Coronet in Hollywood

Banjo Bindlestuff: Craig Cackowski

Gummy: Hal Lublin

Minerva: Natalie Morales

Loretta: Kate Micucci

Mr. Bottfly: David Anders

Remington: John Moe

Chuckington: John Ennis

Lord Blarmy: John Ross Bowie

Duke Sussternit: Mike Phirman

Orczy: Annie Savage

Godiva: Amanda Lund

Grenadine: Tara Platt

Pumpernickel: Tom Kenny

Dad Madison: Billy West

Photos by Liezl Estipona


Tara Platt- Temari

Yuri Lowenthal- Sasuke

Stephanie Sheh- Hinata (Behind the camera)

Tara Platt has the hiccups and Yuri tells her to clap when she feels the hiccups coming but then scares her. It’s really cute.

I was in the studio to record a tag for a TV commercial. It was literally six words. I thought I’d be in and out in fifteen minutes tops, even if they had me do it several different ways to make sure they had their bases covered. Almost half an hour into the session, I’m sweating. They’ve had me do it what seemed like a thousand different ways, so obviously they’re not getting what they want. I’m alone in the booth and they’ve cut the talkback, but I can still see them through the glass.

I try to focus on the script, the floor, anything to keep myself from obsessing over what they might be talking about, but it’s no use. I see the director talking heatedly to the client. They go back and forth. The engineer turns around to give his two cents. I don’t know what they’re saying, but it’s not good. I can tell. “I’m about to get fired,” I think. An assistant reaches for a phone.

I figure at that point they’re getting on the phone to do one of two things: 1) Call my agent to complain about how bad an actor I am, or 2) Get another actor in to replace me. Maybe both. What was I going to do? My life was over. Word would get out that I couldn’t hack even six words of commercial copy and I’d be back to temping, working in an office where I’d – the talkback clicked on. They must have seen my pitiful face looking out from behind the glass.

The director says, “Hey, sorry for the wait, Yuri. We totally got it, you’re brilliant, thanks. We were just arguing over what we were going to get for lunch today. You want us to order you something?” I learned two things that day: 1) Never assume you know what they’re talking about on the other side of the glass, and 2) If you are going to assume, assume it has something to do with Thai vs. Mexican.

—  Yuri Lowenthal (Voice-Over Voice Actor: What It’s Like Behind The Mic)

Tara Platt and Tom Gibis (Temari and Shikamaru voice actor and actress in English) propose to each other as their Naruto Characters.


Some/Several of the pairs of characters voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt


Con Artists Movie Trailer

I’ve been waiting so long for this! 8D