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Johnny Weir’s whole entire fashion situation is bringing me life right now. He Instagrams his outfit for each day’s Olympic commentating at Sochi, and he always looks INCREDIBLE. Yesterday he had a braided pompadour and today he’s wearing a collarless lace shirt and IDK what’s going on with his hair but it looks enormous and very shiny. He’s extremely good at balancing the more out-there stuff (ie lace shirt) with something sensible like grey businesswear. Style inspiration all the way.

My fave Tara Lipinski outfit so far was definitely the pink one with the flower crown, because a) flower crown, and b) she and Johnny complemented each other beautifully.

Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski and Terry Gannon comment on Yuzuru's Sochi SP performance

I had a lovely time listening to their commentary on NBC. It was very entertaining and informative. Here’s a transcript for those of you who didn’t manage to catch it. 

Terry: [as Yuzuru executes his performance perfectly] “Hello, Olympics! I am here for the first time and I came to win!”

Tara: Yes, he did. That was too cool!

: Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan! Set the record for the short program score at the Grand Prix Final. Almost hit a hundred, no one’s ever hit a hundred. He might be close!

: Yeah, I would think so! And when he lands his jumps, he doesn’t just land them like it’s a normal quad, this is an extraordinary quad.

: Yes. And Johnny, he makes it look easy.

: Like water. Like water under a bridge. The quad toe is just smooth and effortless. Just like the triple axel. And Yuzuru’s skating is so special because he makes everything look simple. Everything he does is so difficult, and it’s so complicated, the steps and the sequences, the spins and the jumps and everything is so hard, it’s the hardest of hard. He makes it look like nothing.

: Yeah I was talking to Kurt Browning, who sometimes choreographs for him, and he says it’s like playing a video game with a skater. He’ll [Yuzuru] just do whatever he says, if you get to this point in the music, he’s there.

: Look here on this quad toe. The reach back, just perfectly solid. Right leg goes all the way through to get almost a half-revolution before even up in the air, then he finishes the other three and a half in the air, boom! Quad.

: Look at the face! He knew he landed it. (laughs) You know, in the air, he already knew.

: He’s got a fabulous air position, his arms very tight, his legs on the triple axel, you get such height and elevation, he barely even needs to pull his legs in. As long as his arms are tight, he’s good.

[Footage cuts to Yuzuru’s coach, Brian Orser, who jumps for joy.]

Tara: That’s my favorite part. 

Terry: Brian Orser, he always could jump on the ice!


The Best Johnny Decision NBC Has Made Since Carson.” @JohnnyGWeir picspam roundup + fabulous press coverage + video of his appearance on Today! Click thru for lots more pics on the blog!

Plus: He and partner Tara Lipinski are LIVE again all this week from Sochi on NBC Sports Network starting Tuesday, Feb. 11, 10 am EST. Johnny’s complete Olympic broadcasting schedule is available on his official website: http://bit.ly/JWeirEvents. Don’t miss a moment of coverage!

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“I like to feel beautiful… I like to tell a story with what I’ve got on. Fashion to me isn’t just clothing. It isn’t just putting something on to be outrageous or crazy or to play with peoples imaginations. It’s your memories. It’s your life.”

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