Islands (Tapioca and the Flea Remix)
  • Islands (Tapioca and the Flea Remix)
  • Young The Giant
  • Remix EP

Watch it rise up, where you hide your pearls;
Feel it pile up where you cast those stones you wear.
When no one’s home, do they feel cold on your bones?
All the years I’ve missed your warmth.
Have you missed my warmth?
On your island, oh.

I could never hold you.
I could never hold you.

Young the Giant - "Islands" (Tapioca and the Flea Remix) 

Word on the street is that every band performing at this show is going to have a special guest of sorts. Not sure if I should have told you that, but hey.

So we are clear, our guest is not who you are thinking of. Actually, it might be who you are thinking of, but only if you have a very nice creative mind.

But more importantly, we get to play with good good buddies Gothic Tropic and TATF, again! Tickets are free, and I believe we will be performing first at 9pm. You will not want to miss it. Certainly not. 

I had fun last night. I think we all did. I also learned a lot. Like, don’t hang those letters on that pvc pipe or else they will fall on Chairman while he is trying to play drums. Despite the collapse, I think that the whole night went pretty smoothly. There were tons of July babies there! Including Chairman, Greg King, Huff, and Bobby who got to sit on the red horse while I serenaded him.

If you didn’t make it, then you missed out on the premier of the Glass Sun video. But don’t worry, we plan on having it online in the near future.

We ended the night with a live rendition of Oh Boy Les Mecs’ YKWYR remix. I don’t know if we will be performing that live again, but you can check out the remix here.

In the words of Faul Revere, Owner of the Garden Grove Charity Shoppe pictured above, “It just gets better and better”. We have even more planned for  next week, so rest up and look forward to continuing our chaotic ascent.

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known." A mix of songs for my fellow artists in times of creation.

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Sketch, Paint, Write, Click - Tracklist:

01. You - Gold Panda // 02. Hotel California - Eagles // 03. Hello World - Kid Ink // 04. Knee Socks - Arctic Monkeys // 05. Elevate - St. Lucia // 06. Unsteady - X Ambassadors // 07. Chloe - Grouplove // 08. Digging Holes - Raglans // 09. Never Let You Go - Alex Clare // 10. Social Casualty - 5 Seconds Of Summer // 11. Certain - Set Your Goals // 12. Take It Slow - Tapioca And The Flea // 13. Dancing Song - Little Comets // 14. New Love - Maroon 5 // 15. Fire Escape - Civil Twilight // 16. Bed Peace - Jhene Aiko // 17. All Those Friendly People - Funeral Suits // 18. Flawless - The Neighbourhood // 19. Feel Good - Walking Shapes // 20. Into The Wild - Lewis Watson // 21. We All Want The Same Thing - Rixton // 22. Miracle Mile - Cold War Kids