- Even if you like a real life ship

…and honestly believe it’s real DO remember they’re real people, and if anyone in the ship starts dating someone else (outside the ship) respect that and DO NOT blame them for hurting you or the other person in the ship, you don’t know the truth, remember that. And also, remember to love and support them through anything, and don’t hurt their loved ones. You’re a fan and you love them, so show your love.




I am not crying you are crying.

Tao-Kris at the Shanghai Film Festival Red Carpet today. Both of them are there to promote their 3 respective movies.[ Luhan is in Shanghai as well and was invited to the event but could not attend the Red Carpet due to his busy schedule.Not sure if he will make an appearance]

Favorite Tao moments

Let’s rewind who Z.Tao REALLY was from those 3 years

His intro in Exo’s growl

this. never. gets. old

When he got too excited because of the sunrise so he dragged Sehun to take a picture of him

 Tao’s not the best dancer of exo but when he dances, HE DANCES.

Remember the time he kissed himself

Who would forget the face he makes when he cries //poor panda//

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When he ran to hug Suhunhan

More importantly when

He was the mama’s boy and you all know it.

 Every fucking time he does his thing

 When he tried his shades on…

 Also when ummm

 When he kissed Sehun out of nowhere

His reaction to Sehun’s aegyo

Just whenever he and Sehun hangs out, really

When the fake maknae of Exo-M, Umin gege, annoys him

His magic of choking all the time

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When he was bragging his bowling skills to Bacon

And lastly, when he uses his wushu knowledge on real life situations… or not