Sehun’s message to his Hyungs through the years: Tao Hyung.

And now for!! Tao hyung… It’s funny right? It’s really uncomfortable for me too but since this is for a broadcast, I will talk formally ㅋㅋㅋ You’re like a real friend to me, Tao. Whenever you are feeling down or happy or anytime you are feeling anything, you always come to me and try to share those feelings with me, I feel like you really do trust and depend on me and at times like those, I feel so thankful to have you and I’m working on being an even more reliable and dependable person for you. Like I said last time, whenever anything happens, make sure you tell me. We can’t have any secrets. Wo ai ni, Tao.

Exo reaction to walking in on you dancing to one of their songs

Xiumin: He’d smile as he watched you from the door way trying to perfect the move.

“Oh you’re so cute.”

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Luhan: He’d see you being almost perfect at the dance, and him being as competitive he is he’d challenge you too see who’s better.

“I’m so much better Y/n”

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Kris: He’d see you struggling but decide against helping you until you hurt yourself by falling

“I should’ve helped you”

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Suho: He’d find it extremely attractive as you were wearing one of his jackets from an older era, dancing as if you were preforming at the concert.

“ah, babe are you gonna take the  roll of the new leader?”

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Lay: He’d join in on you dancing making you completely stop but he was to oblivious to notice.

“Why are you staring at me?”

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Baekhyun: He’d see you doing everything great so far, but when you accidentally have the wrong footing he’d shut the music off.

“What was that?”

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Chen: He’d walk in on you dancing and be amazed and when he took notice on how you were slightly better at a certain move, he’d be very grumpy.

“I can sing and hit high notes better than you.”

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Chanyeol: He’d see you on the ground doing the ‘My Lady’ dance and you’d look up seeing him staring at you.

“My pants would prefer if you didn’t do that.”

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D.O: He’d admire you and sit on the floor watching you move so perfectly.

“Jagyia that was perfect.”

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Tao: He’d look at you weirdly when you did the complete wrong movement.

“What was that? The chicken dance?”

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Kai: You were doing the ‘Play boy’ choreography and was struggling a bit, so he demonstrated how to do it leaving you in a trance.

“Did you learn anything i just did?”

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Sehun: He’d spit out his bubble tea as he saw you hip thrusting. Then him being Oh Sehun would show you how it’s actually done.

“See that’s how you do it babe.”

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I’m getting seriously concerned about Exo’s costume obsession…

Krissy be like *fml*

#baek is the new chicken little

xiu xiu livin the vida loca ginga bird life


Sehun living out his career goal of becoming a postbox #kpop idol was hunnie’s plan B career choice

Flower fairy crown princess Jongin

Even pumpkin-head krissy looks hot af


Suho’s pretty sister

Tao’s little sister Peach,  Tao doing my gender better than me, DEPRESSING AF



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EXO’s Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Their Lap

None of the gifs belong to me~~~ <3


*freaks out because you’re so cute*

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“Did she seriously just fall asleep?”

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*very giggly because he’s very ticklish*

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*tries to think of ways to get you to the bed*

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*gets tired just by gazing at you*

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*pretends to slap you awake*

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*blushes like crazy*

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“But I don’t want to carry you…you’re so heavy…” ;-;

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*just smirks at you*

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“Yes. I shall take care of my baby like a cool mom~”

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*feels a little uncomfortable because you’re way too close–*

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Exo’s reaction to your first kiss

I know that there are only 9 members left because Luhan, Kris and Tao have left, but deep down, we all miss them, so I will always include them in “Exo reactions” (:


Chanyeol: *leans in slowly and whispers before kissing you softly* you’re breath taking, Y/N..

How you kiss:

Sehun: *maintains eye contact with you until his face is 2 inches away from yours*

How you kiss:

Kai: “Y/N, you’re so cute. Let me just kiss you already”

How you kiss:

Baekyhun: “My lips need yours” *immediately kisses you with passion*

How you kiss:

D.O: “Aigo, close your eyes!” *slowly leans in after your pretty eyes are shut*

How you kiss:

Suho: “You know I can’t kiss you unless you stop laughing, right?”

How you kiss:


Chen: “you have something on your lips, here let me get it off”

How you kiss:

Lay: “Your eyes are so beautiful..they’re hypnotizing”

How you kiss:

Kris: “Hey beibei, come here”

How you kiss:

Luhan: *cannot resist the temptation to kiss you*

How you kiss:

Tao: “Have I told you how irresistible your lips are?”

How you kiss:

Xiumin: “how about you kiss me first, babe?”

How you kiss:


i miss them picking on each other

Imagine: EXO’s Pick Up Lines

A little bit of OT12 EXO crack to brighten your day…

Warning: sexual innuendos and references to the package.

Xiumin: My lack of length in my genes doesn’t stop the length in my jeans. Hi, I’m Xiumin.

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Sehun: *hands over a note* Am I sexy? Yehet or No?

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D.O.: Roses are red, violets are blue, I wanna put my D in your O, too.

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Kai:  My stage name might be short and sweet, but down there is the opposite.

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Chenderella: When the clock strikes midnight I know I won’t be running away from you ;)

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Baekhyun: I may change my hair color 24/7, but I’ll never change my love for you.

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Chanyeol: My mixtape is free if you go out with me.

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Lay: You may not be Baekhyun’s grandmother, but I’d do you just the same.

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Suho: They may call me the ‘eomma’ of the group, but I’ll always be your ‘appa.’

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Kris: I’m 100% sure I can Wu you.

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Luhan: Are you in marching band? Because you can blow it like a flute anytime.

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Tao: My father may have been able to get me out of EXO, but I’ll be the one to get your number out of you.

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