Suho: We need people to start taking long shifts up in the studio to edit together

Kyungsoo: Count me out, the longest I ever spent alone with one person was four hours and it was the worst day of my life

Chanyeol: What about that one time we went on that road trip? That was about four hours

Kyungsoo: …

Chanyeol: … I see what just happened here

EXO Reaction - How Would Turn You On?

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Xiumin - *He’d pull you underneath him, kissing you passionately before his hands roam around your body, ghosting over your breasts and your vagina. Not only that but he’d lightly moan in your ear every time he ghosts over these areas to wait for you to get impatient, and this is would be a huge turn on for the both of you*

Lay - *He;d probably be a little bit basic, calling you by a nickname that he would only use for this time, like princess or baby girl. He’d whisper these in your ear whilst biting his lip, his hands rested on your ass, squeezing it every time he whispers in your ear*

Kai - *He knows exactly how to turn you on, by dancing for you like he would every night, but this time, he’d do a tease whilst dancing which would instantly turn you on with his hip thrusts, his torso showing and his facial expressions that he uses when dancing to sexual songs*

Suho - *He’d be the more romantic type. However, when it comes to turning you on, he’d bite your lip lightly, whilst holding down on your hips to keep you in place whilst he traces kisses from your lips to down your neck and across your shoulder*

Kyungsoo - *Whilst making out with you, he’d lift your leg up to his waist whilst he rubs his hands on the back of your thigh on the way up to your ass, squeezing it lightly before lightly grinding into you, which is always a way that he’d turn you on, however, he’d be super gentle, unless you really, really wind him up afterwards*

Tao - *He may be a brat, and he’d use that to turn you on. He’d tease at your entrance with his fingers before pulling them away and not touching you at all, before repeating this but each time, he’d add on, like heatedly make out with you, or caress your breasts, and until you beg him to, he won’t stop teasing you this way*

Chen - *He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you at all, which instantly would be a turn on with how he grabs and caresses your breasts and/or ass, or kissing your neck, heatedly making out with you, it could be anything*

Kris - *He’d hug you from behind whilst holding onto your hip with one hand and and has a handful of your hair in the other, pulling our head to one side so it’s an easy access to kiss down your neck. He’d do this until you start moaning to which then he’d continue to more sexual stuff*

Chanyeol - *You’d know what mood he was in when you see a smirk on his face and his hands are on your body somewhere. However to turn you on, he’d pin you up against the wall, and would pin your hands about your head, kissing you everywhere, until he gets a reaction out of it*

Baekhyun - *He’s always playful, so everything he’d do, you’ll both be giggling but when turning you on, he’d playfully growl in your ear, turn you onto your stomach, with your ass in the air, and to which he’d grind against, pulling your head back by pulling your hair, and asking you who’s baby girl you were*

Sehun - *Another brat, but this time, Sehun would definitely be the dominant one, he’d ask you what you were doing, pulling you close to him, your ass rubbing against his member, as he’d put your hair into one hand, whilst he caressed your breasts from behind you, biting the top of your ear lobe whilst moaning slightly* 

Luhan - *He’d crash his lips into yours whilst you were mid-sentence and would caress your body before biting your lip and directing his hand down towards your entrance, and through your clothing, he’d rub you until you start moaning and bed for more*


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