Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (Episode 1)(New Season)

It’s finally here~ Natsume Yuujinchou new season! Uwaa~ I’m so happy! 

Can we spent a moment to marvel at the opening? It was truly a beautiful art!! *wipe tears*

*Still can’t get over it*

*coughs* Alright so, back to the anime, this is Natsume Yuujinchou that we’re talking about so the feellssss will always be there.

Starting from when Natsune got turned into a child-isn’t he cute?!!-I know that this first episode gonna give me feels like the first episode of the last season also.

And I was right. Just hearing Natsume says it was like a fairy tale.. Broke my heart. It makes me wonder what the past Natsume had thought about his future self. And somehow, I knew that he didn’t think of a happy future. We saw the past and the hardships when Natsume was little.. Of how he was always passed around like he is just a thing makes my heart sad. We can see how awkward he is when Taki and Tanuma is being nice with him. It’s like Harry Potter all over again. 

Here… I can see how this Child Natsume HOPE that this reality that he was in is not a cruel cruel dream and that this is really really going to happen to his future self. That this is real and that his future self have a happy life. Or the very least, better than his past.

And this part is really relatable to a degree. Because despite all the happy things in life, there is always the painful things hidden in it too. But even with that, there are also no happiness without the sadness because both of it is what strengthen us. We walk with both of it.

I like this part because for me, it has a deeper meaning in it. Like, we may forget and we may never remember it again but to those around, that held us precious, they would remember this moment that they cherish with us and that make me smile… (anyone shipping Tanume and Taki here? They looks like a lovely couple!) *whisper* but I ship Natsune with Tanume too… ;^;

So that’s why life is precious. Every seconds of it is counted and cherished and loved because nothing can turn back time again for us to relive it. We can only move forward and hold those moments dear.

Also loving this part because despite all his grumble and yells and complain, Nyanko-sensei still care. (In his tsundere ways.. *shot* But really, I love the relationship between Natsume and Nyanko-sensei.

So, that’s all for today. Sorry for being hiatus all those months. Thank you for reading~!



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Ok. I commented the post with the Fox picture in Tanum bookstore where Ylvis is signing books today. I wrote: “i would have liked to be here, but it’s difficult to get from Harstad just upon Xmas… Merry Xmas to Bård and Vegard!”. I got an answere today: we will give them your greetings. “Merry Xmas to you!”