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|| ( ) || Something the knight had learned long ago was that when a kingdom was roaring with celebration, those with negativity in their gaze stuck out like sore thumbs. Back when it mattered, he was among those who stepped away from the joylessness and turned a blind eye to their melancholy (supposing it weren’t serious enough to where his conscience forced his action). Time changed people, however, and rather than be deterred by the distressed-looking young man’s apparent mood, it was the very force that compelled him to walk over and drop a tankard in front of the stranger.

You look like you need a drink. ❞

The comment was made suddenly, not much thought given on the part of its speaker.  Here, it’s on me.


`London-based artist and illustrator James Ward of Jimbobart knows that some foods are sacred and need protecting. That’s why he illustrates plates, serving platters, stacking mugs, beer tankards and more with awesome anthropomorphic animals. Would-be cheese thieves are in for a big surprise when they try to get past the Cheese Sloth. They might be slow-moving, but their claws are no joke. And only a fool would try to take a sandwich from any bear known as the Sandwich Defender.

We’d very much like all of our meals served up on this Super Badger Serving Platter:

Head over to the Jimbobart Etst shop to check out more of James Ward’s delightfully illustrated dishware.

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The Dragon & the Lion

Tyrion had sent a note to Daenerys to meet her at the same inn that they had gotten drinks. This time he had insisted both Bronn and Podrick accomapny him just in case Daenerys brought along the grumpy bear in tow. Oh yes, Tyrion had been avoiding him since their recent altercation. He waited for the Dragon Queen inside the inn with four tankards of ale resting in front of him. “Do you think she’s gonna show?” asked Bronn. 

Tyrion sighed and drummed his fingers against the wooden table. “Oh she will. We’re just very, very early.”


lucking out at local thrift shops! I needed to buy some shirts for work, and I’ve found 3 food safe pewter tankards and a food safe pewter sugar mug. The middle tanker is English Pewter and I got it for 75cents, score!

Thicker Than Water Season 2 Recap: Making Amens

“Thicker Than Water” Season 2 Episode 3 “Making Amens” aired last Jan. 18, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo. The episode kicks off with the Tankards playing with a bicycle inside the house. Everybody is having fun eating, chatting and playing billiards. Benji tells Shanira something that can make a difference with the family’s happy time. Read on to know what happens next.

Tankard, fritware with underglaze painting in blue and red, Turkey (Iznik), ca. 1570-80                    

faerietanith asked:

o: That is most bizarre... I wonder why you people ever invented it! I mean, you actually have public buildings where you can buy tankards of foamy liquid brain poison that makes you confess your love to everybody in sight and challenge your friends to ridiculous duels and then makes you suffer the most horrendous headaches the next day. People actually PAY for this experience. I just... *blinks rapidly* I love you all but you are STRANGE.

I personally think that mead is disgusting…


// British Pub Tankards //

Mmmmmm beer… Or tea? Mmmmm either…

I recently teamed up with welovekaoru the most excellent fine bone china purveyor in England to produce these British Pub Tankards. Each mug is handmade by traditional craftsmen in Stoke On Trent. Available here or instore and online through Luna & Curious London.