My Tank Top design featuring Jiufen, Taiwan (one of the inspirational cities for Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away).

Created by Caitlin Sedoff (initiative inspired) in Adobe Illustrator. initiativinspired.wix.com/home

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outfit ideas for a hot day out at six flags with friends? xx

Comfy shorts that won’t ride up/ slide down and a comfy tank top or tshirt that will survive the water park! Have fun :) 😆

A game of horse.

I’m sweating in clothes
I want to take off
Can’t though
Ask God,
Drop by
Saint Peters
Without asking permission
Isn’t that funny
Tom once
Slipped past
At comic Con
Just for the hell of it
Laughing while reciting the tale
That no one paid him no mind
Because he was white
You know there are things I can’t do
Such as ever feel comfortable
Wearing a tank top
Or pretending I don’t want to
Punch the one guy in the break room
Who thinks he knows

What’s your Basic

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What’s your basic…

Outfit: Jeans or Yoga pants paired with a t-shirt and a hoody. When it gets warmer substitute capri’s or a maxi skirt for the pants, and throw in some tank tops. 

Shoes to go are: Runners, ballet flats or flip flops. 
Makeup: day to day: nothing. When I feel fancy: a bit of foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and a lightish lip gloss. 
Coffee order: I don’t coffee, buuuut if I’m at Tim Horton’s It’s a large steeped tea with 2 milk and 1 sugar. If I’m treating myself to a rare starbucks it’s a earl grey Latte (OMG just call it a London Fog, that’s what an Earl Grey Latte IS) 
Nighttime routine: Bathroom, brush teeth, remove bra, spend time reveling in the freedom, sometimes the husband and I will trade back scratches, throw on a ratty old t-shirt full of holes, collapse in bed. 
Staple meal: my grandmother’s turkey risotto. It’s quick easy and cheap and my ultimate comfort food. 
The comfort from things you fear: I spent a long time in some very intensive out patient therapy years ago for my Anxiety disorder so I fall back on what I learned then. A lot of inner dialogue and talking myself through it. Forcing my brain into a logical space to tackle the fear objectively. If I’m still afraid I talk to my husband who is excellent at keeping me grounded and giving me perspective. He will tell me if my fear is reasonable or not. reasonable fears, I let myself be afraid but then I make a list, I write down all the bad things that can happen, and usually they aren’t as terrible as I built them up in my head. I then make a list on what I can do to help the situation. If the fear is unreasonable I tell myself it’s my illness and that I am safe and protected, again talking it out with the husband helps, as does music, reading, netflix or hugging my kids. 

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Daily life headcanons for the hot daisen brothers when they're not working? :D

I love me some Daisen headcanons *all the flailing and cracks knuckles*


  • Sleeps like a damn rock.
  • When he has a day off, he likes to stay up and read in bed. His favorite are sport novels.
  • Cooks as much as he can when the chance is given. He likes learning new recipes.
  • Walks around in loose sweatpants on an off day.
  • Doesn’t wear his usual ponytail when he’s home and just relaxing.
  • Likes going for runs on forest trails.


  • Probably plays FIFA World Cup whenever he gets that chance.
  • Will play video games all day.
  • Will stay up super late to play video games
  • Please take the controller away from him.
  • May go on runs with Youriki when he’s in the mood.
  • Usually running around in basketball shorts and a tank top with his hair undone.
  • If it wasn’t for Youriki and his cooking skills, Roku would only survive on snacks.


  • Loves to spend a shit ton of money at his favorite frozen yogurt shop.
  • Will spend the day at the park to just enjoy the fresh air.
  • Buys a ton of candy to hoard it. May share it if his brothers bug him enough.
  • Lazes around in his boxers and gives no shits.
  • Also wears his hair loose.
  • Crashes on the couch a lot, and snores like a dang bear.

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Nickname: Krissy, the mom friend , Kris (is rare to see being use)
Sign: virgo ♍
Last thing I googled: …..dark Lance ….( I like angst ok)
Favorite music artist: ummmm Kat Dahlia, sat it off,Mary Lambert, and Halsey
Song stuck in my head:“ would you be so kind?” By doddleoddle I CANT STOP SINGING IT HELP ,(AND ALSO FRECKLES AND CONSTELLATIONS )
last movie I watched: ummmm I think it was big hero 6 idk
What are you wearing : black high wasted jeans and a black baggie tank top and fluffy socks
Why did you choose you url: my Nickname is Krissy and I was su trash at the time
Any other blogs: nope but I want another one
What did your last relationship teach you : um I’ve never been​ in a relationship :/
Religious or spiritual : idk
Average hours of sleep: week days, 7-6 weekends , 10 -12 (im a fucking sloth and do nothing)
Lucky number : IDK I don’t understand lucky numbers
Favorite characters: Katelyn Firefist , Lance McClain ,Armin Alert , peridot, Emma Swan, Katie holt, Yuri plisetsky ,and Zane romave .
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 super heavy quilt
Dream job: V O I C E. A C T I N G

I tag: ummmmm everyone ? I don’t know people on Tumblr besides hellolyli and don’t want to bother people