The clattering of coins against porcelain jittered out from the piggybank. Hemani instinctively tugged the flower patterned piglet tighter to the side of her tank top whilst she walked down the neighborhood, even though the sound rang pleasingly in her ears. Even with no idea of the time she would probably meet up with Saffron at a good time. Whilst brushing the sweat off of her forehead she noticed some streaks of lilac on her palms, the highlights in her hair had become rather worn. With this realization her shaky walk picked up to a slow sprint. “Spare a few coins?” Hemani barely gave the jacket swept boy on the pavement a glance before she responded curtly: “I have nothing for someone like you.” She felt an arm grasp around a tear of her jeans shorts, making her stop for just long enough to hear the bum’s response. “Oh, you misunderstand me.” The boy’s voice was secure and round in tone, Hemani hadn’t noticed how hairy his arms was before he raised up his black hat, or how hairy his legs were for that manner, covered in a  greenish brown coat all the way down to his… hooves. “What I meant is,” he reached into a pocket and pulled out a thumb wide, gilded disk, “if you would be interested in some spare coins.”

~ 1 ~

Being led down a path by the satyr boy, Hemani determined that Saffron well deserved to wait for her another hour or so. She clutched her piggybank tightly when they entered a dilapidated hut in an abandoned backyard. A brief glance around revealed just a messy shelve, table and chair within the poor living space. “Not like I got all day, an hour at most and that will set you back a pretty penny.” Once she turned her vison was shrouded with a flurry of tattered cloth, rapidly tugged into the embrace of the satyr’s jacket and shoved downwards. “I am sure you will be worth your weight in gold.” Hemani heard his calm voice above her, in the hold of the quickly shifting and moving jacket she couldn’t make out what was happening. A nimble tail coiling around her arms and restraining her movements. Suddenly. she felt her nose smooshed firmly against a plush, rubbery pucker. Without a moment to gather herself, the soft rim was smooshed onto her head, spreading open with the elasticity of bubblegum and inviting her to the humid abyss within. The rear goatlips smoothly expanded over her head, giving a tender tug around her throat before decisive shove downwards eased her shoulders into the slick grip. With her next breath Hemani felt the wet atmosphere of the colon being guzzled into her lungs. Sturdy, squeaky muscles clenched and squeezed her body, hoisting in her body whilst the pucker convulsed and pulsed to grasp further down her abdomen. The messy, foul air discouraged her from yelling, and what came out between gasps for air was a dampened mangle of -Mwffwth- -nwwNfiff-.Every tug deeper inside Hemani’s body was coated up in sleek, copper smelling liquids exuding from the walls around her, making it a relatively simple task for the rear to gobble up her belly. The girl feel her own respectable bubble butt being smooshed inside with the clenching squeeze of the satyrboy’s cheeks and a moist, muffled -Shoulort-.

~ 2 ~

”Pheow..” The satyr exclaimed gently as they positioned themselves to slowly let their rear sink down and envelop the girl’s legs. -Ooulrrsh- The moist colon clenches and squeezed against those slender legs on the way down towards the floor and finally allowing the warm coated cheeks to connect with the floor, conveyed only with a soft -Dounf-. “Snug like a slug in a meat rug.” Met spoke silently whilst letting a few fingers delighted in exploring the billowing, onion shaped gut.  Their jacket had sprawled out relieved after having helped catching such a large snack, revealing the satyr’s slightly chubby breasts and her noticeable lack of a cock. She let out a warm little moan to herself whilst squeezing back the occasional bulge puffing up on her bloated belly. She allowed herself a moment to listen to the bubbly -Grooulrmgl- of her wobbling abdomen and groping around the shifting outlines of the girl’s legs and hands pressing up against her stomach walls. “Another little vixen in my clutches. Personally, a little bit of squirming on your part would be just peachy,  it feels so pleasantly spooky with something rummaging around my  gurgly furnace. Now, while I can’t give you a heart of gold, I could do the next bes-. Where did your piggybank go?” Met looked around distraught for a moment, then grabbed some chubby folds of her gut and shook it in her lap. A distinct scrambling of porcelain and metal could be heard from inside. “You didn’t drop it? Might be the greediest one yet.” -Swmmach- The slap to her gut caused ripples to wobble across is fleshy mound, and the occupant bouncing around within.

The confines of flesh undulated around her, squeezing in against her body and kneading her tightly within the damp prison. Hemani’s struggles seemed easily restrained just by the layers of sleek, oily flesh. A tremble was sent through the belly, she could feel it in her spine up until she could make out the muted -Ooouuraahp- from outside. It was as if the gut clenched around her tighter, forcing her into its taut embrace. With a  last bit of struggle, and a few raspy breaths, Hemani passed out.

~ 3 ~

Over time, the internal workings of the Satyr kneaded her body. With viscous stomach fluids smeared against her body like layers of frosting, her whole form started to become a looser mass of chyme. Yes, the process continued even as Met’s tummy sank back to a flat, is slightly chubbier, state. The mush heated, grounded, reduced and churned by powerful internal muscles. Chunk by chunk was feed deeper into her intestinal tract, gradually transmuting into something new.

~ 4 ~

-Aahouurph-. Met burped with a homely sense of satisfaction, giving her bally a few proud pats. In the moist air of her burp one could see a faint glimmer, as if her breath was sprinkled with glitter. “Think you are done? The really greedy ones usually take another fifteen minutes.” -Broouguglg-. The Rumbling now being closer to her rear made Met nod and crouch down. “Alright, I get the hint.” The satyr felt her legs trembling, something larger than expected seemed lodged right stuck inside. “Nnhhng..” She grunted and reached back to spread her auburn cheeks, fidgeting and adjusting her hooves on the ground to find a stable position. The wrinkled rim clenched firmly behind her, only starting to part around something bleached and white after a  few seconds of heavy panting. Her rear spreading up to the round zenith of the hard object and pushing it back and forth whilst Met grunted. “Nng, the tougher they are,” Meet mumbled out softly to herself whilst her pucker convulsed and reluctantly parted for a  hard, white plug oozing free, “the better it feels afterwar-aaaaanmm.” -Pwohp-. With a slightly humid plop the object slumped onto the ground, her pucker gaping for a few moments before squeezing back into place. For a few moments Met relaxed and savoured the jolts and shivers of relief coursing through her spine and back. A glance behind her made the satyr smile broadly, the piggy bank had survived the trip.

As the solid load slowly traversed her colon, her pucker flexed and stretched in preparation. The piggy bank looking on from the side, its once colourful flowers now rather blemished. -Chlircklt-. Even with the porcelain porcine outside her body, there was still a slight klirring noise coming from within. The rubbery pit of flesh stopped moving, bulging outwards slowly at an oddly shaped object prodding from within. Within moments the pucker parted around a glistening, yellow little lump, gradually broadening around a perfectly round, golden coin. Met let out a soft coo and clutched her rimp around the edge of the coin, letting it hang for a few moments. Printed on one face of the golden slap was an uninterested, female face with tinted streaks of hair, looking more meticulously crafted than printed. “Mnhaa.” Met said relieved and let the coin drop, bouncing on the shoddy wooden floor with a few -Klatch-. “How is this for making you a pretty penny?” Met said and kneaded her rump gently, hearing a clattering from the oncoming metal slabs before her pucker spread wider one more. Bundles of coins bound together loosely by lukewarm colon fluids wedged their way through the flexible rim just to separate and rain down in a shower of gold. The coins glistened both of the gleaming, precious metal and from the thin film of translucent fluids they brought with them from the depths of her body. -Clankl- -Kliirth- rang out as the coins landed over each other in a slightly wet pile, the occasional odd one landing on its side and rolling along the cracks in the floor. After just a little while her legs were shaking, partly because of how her mind had to adjust to the sensation of dropping so much weight, and partially because her malleable back chute had to stretch and curve around each coin as they drippled out half a dossin at a time. A closer look at the building pile, or puddle, of coins was that all the faces decorating them didn’t quite correspond to one another. Some of them had a smiling face, some look confused, some smirking maliciously and many adorned with just tiny differences in form and looks. Tossed in with the flood of gold were the occasional twinkle of silver and even a copper shilling or two being buried beneath the oozing flow of valuable metals. -Sluouthc- -Clooultch- her backdoor clenched and smacked between larger batches of colon currency. The flood slowed to a trickle, her exhausted pucker squeezing out a few more coins to bounce down the pile of metal. “Ooo, yes, how fortunate you have become, I swear it never stops being funny.” The last coin slipping out with a -shlppulp- and rolling down to bump into the piggy bank. To which, Met made an amused noise.

~ 5 ~

”Seven hundred and fourth five… Forty-six… forty-seven, not bad for someone who had nothing to give me.” Met said whilst skimming through the coins. A shame that most of the coins were not of any value in the current form, a good number of stores would would take issue with that the sides of the coin didn’t quite coincide with the regular currency. Though, many still just accepted gold. Met picked out a few of the silver coins in the bunch and inspected them, suddenly clenching her fist in a victorious pose. “Nearly identical replicas, I am improving every day.” Pocketing the silver she begun the task of filling the piggybank with the remains of its previous owner.

After gathering up her supplies from the hut, stuffing the piggybank into a satchel with her basic necessities, she made sure to tighten up her jacket over her rather broad physique. Met adjusting her hat to accentuate her horns. She tossed up a handful of silver coins and catch them mid air with her other hand. “I think that I’ll treat myself to a smoothie.” She said to herself out loud as she left to head out towards the city..

~ ~ 6 ~ ~

The book shuts close on its own accord. The narrator gives off a satisfied chuckle. “No matter how tempting the voice of greed can be, it can almost always spell disaster. For, when one gives in to the reasoning of avarice, thoughts and proper judgement becomes a lower priority. And of course, following a stranger can turn out to be a particularly, valuable, experience.” With the book under arm the narrator disappears, just as the first beams of sunlight grace the world.

~ ? ~

Met looked up from counting her coins, walking through the ally leading back to the city’s streets. What she saw at the end of the ally made her freeze, seeing a chocolate skinned girl with pale gray hair in a neat drill cut. “Tam?”

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   ❛   not   really. what’s wrong with what i got now?  ❜     a sandwich hovered in front of her mouth as she looked at the man in front of her, then down at her outfit. it was the same one she had arrived in; torn grey pants, worn brown vest, and a mid-drift exposing tank top.

    ❛   i   know ya’ city shits loike ta’ wear different clothes but i don’t see no bad in the one’s i got now. ‘sides … can’t afford nothin’ else.  ❜

            HE gives her a look, though it’s probably ignored considering the food in front of her. It’s less for the profanity, Lord knows he himself let it out from time to time, but more the questioning of wearing different clothes.
You do know it’s gonna get pretty damn cold soon. IT’S leading up to an offer, though he isn’t quite sure how to word it. How did he make it seem it was out of actual concern instead of pity. He took a bite of his sandwich, trying to come up with something. Perhaps instead of just giving things away, offer something to borrow maybe? It might work. He swallows.
I have some things you can borrow if you’d like.

OOC: Sorry for not bring on, earlier, since I had not slept all night, I came home and accidentally slept until midnight.

Had fun, though, was able to get my parents things, got two other people off of the list, plus we went to the German place, and we got cheese, and Irish whiskey chocolates.

Then we went to the west side mall, and got sugar cookie iced coffee, and I got a sample of tea from Teavana that I want to go back and buy, it was white chocolate mint. :P Yum.

Looked in Hot Topic for my Gryffindor stuff, almost bought a Severus tank top, but I thought if I get a gift card for the holidays then I could go to our HT.(on the east side)Besides, I love the west side one, but it is more expensive, and their store is very small and crowded, I keep walking into people. ^^;

Anyway, gonna wrap my parents things and send them off, either tomorrow, or Monday. :3 Got them some chocolates, a Walmart gift card, and a gift card to Subway, plus made them a Pikachu card.

What’s He Doing Here? (Carl Grimes) S7: Ep 7

You heard a truck pull into Alexandria’s gates. Carl had disappeared and you were worried sick. He didn’t tell you where he was going, let alone that he was leaving. 

You stepped out onto your porch to see Carl walking into Olivia’s home. You scrambled down the front steps and raced across the street.

 You bolted in the door, flinging yourself on Carl. You hugged each other tightly. His hands pushed the edges of your tank top up slightly. 

“Carl, where were you? I was worried!” You said taking his face in your hands.

Your eyes widened when you saw his uncovered eye. You whisked his hair from his face to look at it closer;

“Don’t-I’m sorry, he made me.” Carl whispered. 

You turned your head around to see Negan watching you two intently. 

“What’s he doing here?” You growled. 

Negan scoffed;

“Well, ex-cuse me for raining on your damn parade. I just wanted to bring your sweet little Carl back.” 

You looked at Carl;

“Bring you back? You went there?! Carl, what is the matter with you?” You scowled. 

Carl sighed knowing he did something stupid. Negan ordered Olivia to make lemonade.  

“Take me on the grand tour!” Negan said to Carl. 

Carl walked Negan from room to room. Negan played with the sink, threw darts, and just messed around in general. 

Negan came to Judith’s room. You panicked;

“Carl, don’t let him find Judith.” You whispered.

“What’s in here?” Negan asked. 

Carl stuttered;

“U-uh, it’s just a water heater.” He lied.

Negan opened the door anyway to reveal Judith bouncing in her crib. Your face went white. Negan gasped and gave Lucille to Carl;

“Aw, look at this little angel.” Negan said lifting her from her crib. 

You felt like you were going to be sick. 

“Carl, I need to talk to you.” You said quietly. 

You dragged him into the hall, but kept an eye on Negan. You folded your arms demanding an explanation;

“Look, I hid in one of their trucks to see where their base was. I was going to…kill him. Anyways, I couldn’t get the shot when he found me and he showed me around,” Carl said pausing. 

You ushered for him to go on;

“(Y/N), he’s freaky. Don’t stay go anywhere alone with him. He took me to a room with like eight or nine women in it. They were all his wives. Any woman he finds attractive, he ‘marries’ them or whatever. If he goes in your house, then leave. I don’t trust him.” Carl said watching Negan bounce Judith.

You stroked a piece of your hair, Carl lowered his head;

“Then he made me uncover…you know. He made fun of it, of course. I cried. I couldn’t help it. I just…cried. Then the weirdest thing happened…he apologized. He told me that he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings. He’s so wishy-washy I can’t figure him out.” Carl finished. 

You lifted his chin and gave him a soft kiss. 

“You’re undeniably stupid for going to his base. Now Negan knows about Judith and that terrifies me. If he does anything to that sweet little girl-” You were cut off by Negan himself.

“Woah woah, you actually think I would hurt such a beautiful little girl?” He questioned. 

You put your hands on your hips;

“Quite frankly, yes.” You snapped.

Negan was holding Judith and you did not like that at all. Carl and Rick both knew the relationship you had with Judith. You loved her a lot and you were protective. Negan snorted;

“You know, if it weren’t for the little eye thing you two keep doing, I would think you were brother and sister because you are just like him.”

You rolled your eyes and trotted off to your house which would soon belong to Negan. You opened and slammed the door as you walked in. You ran your hands through your hair and groaned. 

Negan made you so angry. You didn’t like him holding Judith at all. You didn’t like him, period. You poured yourself a glass of water and tried to relax. You sat on your back porch and finally felt yourself wind down. 

After the sun had set and the stars were beginning to twinkle, you heard footsteps creaking. You opened your resting eyes to see Carl barely visible in the small amount of light that the moon gave off. 

He sat in the chair next to you and sighed;

“I messed up.” He said. 

“Hm, you think?” You said sarcastically.

You both let out soft laughs and smiles. You looked behind yourself to notice Judith wasn’t present. 

“She’s fine. She’s asleep. And Negan’s just walking around. I won’t leave Judith long. I didn’t mean to scare you by leaving today…I was so sure I was going to kill him. I don’t know why I didn’t…I just stopped what I was doing. I’m sorry, (y/n). My dad’s going to kill me when he finds out what I did. I love you.” He said softly. 

You brushed the hair from Carl’s hollow eye. He looked down looking ashamed. Truth was, you didn’t mind. It showed what all he had been through. It made Carl…himself! 

“I love you too. And you don’t have to cover your eye up. I promise I don’t mind.” You replied. 

He looked back up;

“Really?” He breathed.

You nodded. He smiled and kissed your forehead. He spoke softly before leaving to get Judith;

“I promise I won’t let Negan hurt Judith…or you.”

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Chu~ || Accepting (Selective)

8. Chest

Anthony entered to his bathroom, he knew Kate was there taking a bath and since the door wasn’t locked he guessed she was just relaxing with some bath salts and candles and he wasn’t wrong.

❝ I just need to wash my hands. ❞
He showed her the oil stained hands and forearms and smiled, he had been working on one of his classic cars, wearing nothing but worn out jeans and a black tank top.
He cleaned his hands and looked at her through the mirror, grinning a little before walking towards the tub.

❝ Are you enjoying your time? ❞
Anthony slipped both hands into the warm, bubbly water as he spoke into her ear.
❝ I’ll be done in a couple of hours so we can order something to eat. ❞

He suggested, his hands slipping from her sides to her breasts, he cupped her and gently brushed his thumbs over her nipples.
He tilted his head, leaning down to kiss the upper part of her chest and then move towards her neck.
With a soft hum he let go of her and kissed her temple before standing up and dry his hands on his pants.

❝ Okay, back to work. ❞

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16. Hogwarts House: idk i dont know anything about harry potter
17. Pokémon team: i dont play pokemon
18. Favorite color: purple and yellow
19. Average Hours of sleep: 5? 4? idk
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I saw Argonautika at a college theater thing!

The stage is well-assembled (see above), it was very theatrically Abstract in clever, internally-consistent ways, and oh my word there were so many cute boys.

(The costume template was “various togas/tunics over black form-fitting athletic wear.“ Hercules had a very loose, baggy tank top and nothing else on his top half. Eros was an adorable twink.)

The sound design was excellent, and the tone/acting covered ludicrous hamminess, smartassery, and poetic classical language with grace and aplomb. The gods were the embodiment of “smh” and did an excellent job.

9/10, excellent fanservice interlude in my gay college webcomic life.