i went to the bathroom and had a moment of shock bc i saw my reflection and my top and thought the wash had completely faded/bleached my My Chemical Romance Black Parade tank top —–BUT i had just put it on inside out because im a ~certified dumbass~ 

Trapped with a Trapper: Chapter 12: Discovery
Art and Inspiration by: @snowprincess-artist
Text by: Me & @snowprincess-artist

The next day, Hiccup woke after finally getting a proper nights rest, nice and toasty in his layers of bedding. Slowly, but surely, he sat up, rubbing his bandaged forehead with his good hand and feeling about for his leather tank top. Once he had found it, he went about the task of pulling it on over his green tunic and bandaged stomach before placing his broken hand back in the sling. Once back in the armour, he relaxed yet again, awaiting the arrival of Astrid to check in on him.
As he waited, he turned to his wrapped arm and leg and gave them a halfhearted look. He clearly wouldn’t be leaving his bed for a good week or two, which meant no flying with Toothless and more time wasted that could be used to hunt down and stop the trappers and Viggo. Precious time.
However, as he sat there, Hiccup slowly gave more thought to the subject. If Viggo was recovering from his time in the ravine, he probably wouldn’t be jumping straight back into the conflict again. He’d wait patiently for him to fully recover in order to continue their ‘game’ for the eye.
That was another thing. The Eye. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy that it was safe again. In fact, he was over the moon that he’d won the thing back. But what puzzled him was why Viggo gave it back up to him with no resent, or even agreeing when he said it was redundant. At least then, he could have taken it. This utterly confused him. After all the trouble he went through to get the eye back for the hunters, he just handed it back over.
What was he playing at? He couldn’t have actually been handing it over because He won the bet. No, he wouldn’t, unless he already had what he needed. That must have been it. He’d already gotten all he needed from the eye. He just wanted a challenge against him. Hiccup grinned at the thought. He’d have quite the challenge awaiting Viggo once he was back in action.
And, of course, what concerned Hiccup the most. Viggo’s level of compassion. Why had he been so nice to him. While he wouldn’t say that it wasn’t appreciated, it just seemed so off. Sure they made an alliance to survive, but it never required them to be nice to one another, and even if implied, not at that level of kindness. It just somehow felt really disconcerting. They made the pact to keep themselves alive. And if one could survive, the other wasn’t a concern. Sure he helped Viggo when he was hurt to continue, but when he nearly drowned, Viggo was in no way required to pull his limp body up too. Why not just cut his losses? Why not let the only person standing in his way drown and tell them he died in the icy water? Clear your name and blame it on nature. Why go out of your way to go after the close to dead and risk your own life trying to lug that extra dead weight? The whole situation was giving him a huge headache, one that stood alone from the bandaged head.
A soft nudging pulled him from his thoughts and he turned to his right, smiling as Toothless sniffed the Dragon Eye, remembering it’s scent and happily looking up at his rider, glad that he had succeeded in retrieving it from that accursed Hunter.
As he continued to think about Viggo, he remembered the new map that he had caught a glimpse of back in the cave. While he couldn’t exactly picture it, seeing as he saw it for no more than a few seconds, he was able to remember that there was a dragon of some form at the center, possibly a new species. Excited to study the map for himself, Hiccup looked at Toothless, scratching him with his injured arm gently and ushering Toothless closer to the lens.
“Think you can give me a low burn, Toothless?” Hiccup questioned his best friend, smiling as he lit his mouth.
As the light shone through, the image appeared and as a hiccup scrutinized it more with his sleepy eyes, he slowly came to the realization of what the dragon was. A Night Fury! His eyes widened in utter shock and he looked back at a Toothless, who gave him an equally surprised look back. Slowly, he stood, using his good leg to hop closer to the wall with it. It was a map…. With Night Furies.
“Oh gods,” was all he could muster.
Viggo sat in the dim, silence of his office, occasionally noting some important reminders in one book, before moving to adding some ideas to another, all by candlelight. As he continued to make these, occasionally looking over an odd chart or two at his desk, or even one of his unfurled scrolls, Ryker entered. He cleared his throat and Viggo turned up.
“You feeling alright?” Ryker asked, sounding ever so slightly concerned for his younger brother.
“Never better,” Viggo shrugged, “Why do you ask?”
“I just think you must have hit your head in that ravine,” Ryker replied, concern hidden by a fine layer of question, “Why did you let them have the Eye after all we went through to get it?”
“It’s not really your concern, Ryker,” Viggo shrugged, “but to put a long in story short, I don’t welch on bets. He won the game fair and square.”
“You always Welch on bets with me,” Ryker replied in annoyance more than anger.
“Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but while I’m the leader, who gets to keep ninety percent of the plunder?” Viggo chuckled and smiled at his older brother, “You have more gold than an Armourwing on Augenheim Plinth.”
“Well, I suppose it is true,” Ryker shrugged before turning to leave, “see you in the morning.”
Viggo saw his brother out and stretched, having finally gotten comfortable again. Once done, he blew the candle out and made his way to his room. Entering, he stood staring at the drawing of the map he’d copied down on the wall, examining it and thinking of that boy and his Night Fury, safe and sound at their base.
“Hope that you rest easy, Hiccup,” Viggo spoke within the dark, “Our game begins soon.”
The End. 
I hope you enjoyed. A special thanks to the amazingly talented @snowprincess-artist for both inspiration, assistance, story planning, and most of all, the fantastic art that she created for this story. Please check out her work and buy a commission. They are worth way more than the price she sells them at. Thank you Snow.

Note: All Art, and text were made over a year and a half prior. I really need to remember to post stuff


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A Night in Gotham {Open RP}

A young woman was sitting on the roof of her apartment building, drinking tea and wearing jeans, a black thin-strapped tank-top, and wearing red-tinted glasses. “Ah, what a lovely evening in Gotham, the moon is out and the stars are shining. Couldn’t get better then this eh?” She turns to a Siamese Cat that just meows, then curls up. “Oh well…I wonder if there’s anyone to annoy or even chat to,” She pulls out her cellphone and checks her contacts. 

“Huh…no contacts as I don’t know anyone in this bloody city…” She grumbled and just laid back on the lounge chair, closing her eyes to take a quick nap. {{Anyone is welcome to join, just put what your muse would do if they found mine.}} 

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