Kendall was spotted leaving Fred Segal with friends yesterday wearing this exact Nasty Gal With My Crew Knit Top ($38.00), these exact Mother Denim Looker Zip Fray Jeans in Kale ($188.00), and these exact Converse in White ($55.00). 

Sunglasses: Ray Ban ($160.00)

Bag: Céline Nano (unavailable for online purchase)

Well, this sidewalk chalkboard sign couldn’t have been more appropriate… This has been a really awesome weekend with P-Money in Fort Worth. This city has a lot to offer and is probably very underestimated in the amount of culture and good urban planning it has. Even though P wasn’t thrilled to move home, I think he has realized (and has shown me) how much there is here. Great food. Great art. Great entertainment. FW FTW!


BREAKFAST TAROT! I had too much fun with these.

I know the tower is the disaster card but I think I can safely say that eating that many pancakes would, in fact, cause a disaster of some magnitude. The ace of pentacles upright indicates prosperity! Eggs are gold, gold is prosperous, god I love drawing food.

the tower on a light shirt | dark shirt

the ace of pentacles on a light shirt | dark shirt

The tower of pancakes is already available on a bunch of other stuff, so if you fancy a sweet pancake mug or blanket or something else, check em all out! They’ll also both be available as prints soon!