Speaking of Honey Lemon, Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel, a reminder of what you’re you’re getting yourselves into, courtesy of Animaniacs.

Animaniacs. 20 years, and still relevant.  

How come recently all the new female disney characters look so fucking similar?

wide face, big eyes

tiny nose

i mean seriously? they look like Bratz dolls

this remind you of anyone?

oh yeah it’s a slightly more tanned rapunzel

Yet the male character designs

have so much more diversity in comparison

it’s as if they actually made an effort!

see it’s not that hard

it’s almost like we’re more accepting

of differences in male features


Can I just…? For a moment? Please? 

Seriously, I don’t HATE either Frozen or Tangled, but from a character design perspective, they had a difficult time getting variety over TWO movies. Two FANTASY movies, might I add! No. Instead, all the women look like clones and the men are starting to get that way. (Bonus! Elsa and Frozen-Mom’s hairstyles! As well as… Flynn’s, Hans’ and Frozen-Dad’s?)

That’s one of the reasons why I’m gaga over RotG. In one movie, they managed to get so much variety and character within them.

I know almost nobody else cares, but I made this handy chart in case people need proof that I’m not crazy.