The internet shouldn't be just a screen.

Online news should be a paper in your living room, twitter and facebook should be displayed on coffee tables,

Displays can be reduced to subtler, simpler, more intuitive/elegant indications/conveyances—>light indicators, softscreens, an internet radio that you set up once with channels on a dial that continuously plays suitable, skippable programming.

Part of the problem is that it demands so much of you. It should be natural, easy, even clickless. It shouldn’t require peripherals.

The internet can’t continue as this thing you hole yourself up with, this face-tanning, eyestraining boxed-in nonsense. It should be something that catches your eye on the way to work, something you and your friends can do together at a party, something you can curl up with in the evening.

Sifteo Cubes: Programable Interactive Cubes for #games and #music

These came out a few weeks back as an official product, and I am finally getting around to posting them. They started a few years back as siftables at MIT, and if you read my old blog you would have likely seen the earlier version their, along with other similar projects.

The one thing I am most excited about with this is of course using them for music, like this sequencer below.


Really cool applications. If we could just solve the projection angle issue…

Bestof: the responsiveness of the three cube examples, the 3d walkthrough, and the dome scaling input response.


After talking with various Bionicle fans, I began to notice patterns in things like head canons and fanart, and in general discussion.

And what I discovered was that pretty much none of us actually write or draw Bionicle.

We project our own personal biases and interests onto the series, and attempt to wedge things in there that don’t always belong.

It’s like a Bionicle is a feeling, an abstract set of ideas rather than a tangible piece of media.

This is going to sound bold, but I believe none of us actually like G2, merely the concept of Bionicle continuing to exist.

We tell ourselves “it’s Bionicle, so we have to get hyped”.
We continue to buy the sets and support the line in whatever way we can, hoping that one day it will feel real again.

But deep down, we know that it will never be the same. We know that we will never be able to re-create those feelings.

We are so blinded by nostalgia that we cannot accept it for what it is…a mediocre revival of a once-innovative children’s property.