The internet shouldn't be just a screen.

Online news should be a paper in your living room, twitter and facebook should be displayed on coffee tables,

Displays can be reduced to subtler, simpler, more intuitive/elegant indications/conveyances—>light indicators, softscreens, an internet radio that you set up once with channels on a dial that continuously plays suitable, skippable programming.

Part of the problem is that it demands so much of you. It should be natural, easy, even clickless. It shouldn’t require peripherals.

The internet can’t continue as this thing you hole yourself up with, this face-tanning, eyestraining boxed-in nonsense. It should be something that catches your eye on the way to work, something you and your friends can do together at a party, something you can curl up with in the evening.

Sifteo Cubes: Programable Interactive Cubes for #games and #music

These came out a few weeks back as an official product, and I am finally getting around to posting them. They started a few years back as siftables at MIT, and if you read my old blog you would have likely seen the earlier version their, along with other similar projects.

The one thing I am most excited about with this is of course using them for music, like this sequencer below.

Wan Sup Choi & Sang Hung Heo, Sandbox Ocean, 2011
Finalist – 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

“Sandbox Ocean” is a multi-user interactive installation. Users collaborate in creating a dynamic and animated world by changing and shaping the topography of a sandbox. The interface is simple, intuitive and playful. Customizing Microsoft’s Kinect system, the project adds a new-media dimension to the playful sandbox of our childhood. The malleable sand interface fosters an activity that emphasizes mutual and collaborative creative play rather than competition. The physical interaction is intended to bring digital media back from the mediated world of the computer screen into the realm of tangible experience.


Really cool applications. If we could just solve the projection angle issue…

Bestof: the responsiveness of the three cube examples, the 3d walkthrough, and the dome scaling input response.

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