Tandrak Shaye

interruptingkau replied to your post:    i have to disagree with you on tandrak shaye. he’s…                

   Clare he’s such a femme bottom twink…….    

well obviously he’s a bottom, look at him fucking arch

listen, y’all are acting like i said he’s a full-on hunk. that’s not what i’m saying! i’m saying if he didn’t play sports for a living he would be a twink, but he happens to lack the build!!

Day 5: Member of your Altador Cup team

Tandrak Shaye bitches

I’ll confess that I was, at the age of twelve, desperately in love with him.

I sort of let my headcanons run wild here–it just seems to me that he would insist on practicing shirtless and barefoot, and at first Layton would be like “no dude” but he would eventually be won over by the sheer natural beauty

also it didn’t seem safe for them to practice with the spiked yooyuball mitts (slash those spikes are fuckin’ impossible to draw jesus) so he’s just using a plain one here

and he’s left-handed because idk? it seemed sexier? (shhhh just let it happen)

the wings were an accident but I guess that’s what I get for not using a reference