Think you can’t get amazing and cool dog breeds in shelters?  Think again.

Dundee here is a HoulaHou - a Catahoula/hound mix!  He was rescued by Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue Inc. in Florida.  He was so skinny they thought he was a beagle.  Once they got him cleaned up and properly fed, they found he was a goofy, adorable HoulaHou.

Of course, his friends at the rescue don’t mind that he’s no beagle. They love Dundee because he’s sweet and well-behaved, and LOVES people.  Plus he gets along with other dogs!

Can’t believe your luck that this diamond hasn’t been snapped up? Call (813) 446-9663 or emailing info@tampabaybeaglerescue.org and ask for Dundee!


This documentary profiles two individuals who take refuge in the library from the brutal elements of the streets. This was a submission for the Florida Free Film Fest. It was awarded ‘Best Film’.