Travel to South India on a Budget!

When you think of taking a budget travel, the ideal place to go will be somewhere where the currency value is on the low. And traveling to South India on a budget will always be a memory worth cherishing.

The only big expenditure you’ll have is the flight tickets, but if you book it a little advance and plan the whole trip accordingly, it’ll be a success. Here are a few places and how much you have to spend throughout the trip approximately:

Sight seeing – South India is a mixture of culture, tradition, amazing food, and fun. Visit Chikmagalur and Hampi, Karnataka; Alleppey and Munnar, Kerala; Chennai and Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu; and Vijayawada and Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh.

All these cities are different from one another in so many aspects. For example, Chennai has the second longest beach, Marina; Alleppey has beautiful backwaters and houseboats you can spend a memorable night with your loved ones! Hampi has intricate archaeological sites and palaces and Munnar has vast tea plantations.

Stay – India is an incredible but an inexpensive country. There’s a lot to do which costs very less! Book a five-star hotel room even just before arriving for around a $100! If star hotels aren’t your forte, get a budget hotel for as low as $20 to $40 dollars.

Food – Not all Indian food have curry in them. There are Dosas, Idlis, Vada, Paiysam, Avial, Appam, Bisi-Bele-bath, Puliyodharai, and a million varieties of rice and sides available here. All this for around $3 to $10 each meal!

Transportation – Go around the town and all the cities for just about $10 dollars! Sounds like a deal, doesn’t it? The public transportation in India is very liberal as there are more than a billion-people swarming about. You can also hire a cab for $2/five kilometers. Or take one of these little buggies called autos to travel throughout your trip. But you better be good with your bargaining skills. 

So pack your bags and leave on a trip to this wonderful country filled with amazing experiences waiting just for you!