Tamara Natalie Madden

Keeper of the Golden City from The Guardians series

I believe that I subconsciously paint women a lot because I come from a family of women. I have many aunts and the strongest woman I’ve ever known—my grandmother—raised me. Men were around, but the women have always been my protectors, caretakers, and support system. “The Guardians” are symbolic of those that protect nature, beauty, spirituality, and a myriad of other things—they are the warriors. The paintings are metaphors for the unknown—the mystical and sometimes the literal. - Tamara Natalie Madden


Tamara Natalie Madden: I love discovering artists who are unknown to me, and Tamara Natalie Madden is no different. I am completely mesmerized by her work.

This Jamaican born, Atlanta based painter and mixed-media artist focuses her work on the people of the African diaspora.

One of her influences is my favorite artist, Gustav Klimt.

Now there’s only one thing to do…figure out how I can get my hands on one of her works!