Fast Forward To 10:20 & Then Start …

That Was Soooo Cuteee & Sweet Of Him, Aaaaah I’m Such A Cornball Lol :’)

Tamar Love Logan

I was watching Tamar and Vince last night and I really felt bad for Tamar.  I couldn’t believe that Vince said that she was a bad mother.  I know he was just joking but the way he behaves sometimes (or at least the way the show portrays it) makes me think that he may actually believe feel that way.  

I don’t know if I’m the only one that sees that.  

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Miss Tamar it has to be hard to be separated with her son so soon and to hear something like that, something that may be lingering in the back of her mind, and to hear the her husband voice it.  The sadness in her eyes was heartbreaking.  

Anyways, what did you think about what Vince said? 


Tamar’s giving us that “Hot Sugar.”