Happy Birthday to adorable, awkward, Innocent, Hard working, tennen, clumsy  Tamamori Yuta! I’m so proud of you my baby! How much you grow as an idol, as an actor and as an entertainer! please continue on to shower us with your adorable-ness and awkwardness! I love you and you are one of the purest and innocent idol ive ever know thats what we love about you! I’m sorry i wasnt able to make you a proper gifset for your birthday :( 

Sub: 中居正広のミになる図書館 2014.01.07 - Tama and Senga Clip

Premise of the episode: Kisumai members try to pretend to get angry at another group member without the other knowing(dokkiri), in a ‘logical fashion’ ie; pressure the other with your logic until they admit fault and apologise (although they may not actually be wrong).  I have subbed Tama pretending to get angry at Senga (Senga’s reaction is hilarious ww).

Ki = Red, S = Light blue, M = Green, Y = Orange, F = Dark blue, T = Yellow, 2 = Purple

Etc. (narrators, guests, etc) = White

Thank you for those wonderful and amazing years, thank you for being
who you are, thank you for accepting each other, thank you for
fighting together, thank you for being a family ♥
26.07.2005 → 26.07.2015 ☆